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A Decade of Best Picture winners and the ones that almost were!

Posted on 01 April 2010 by ShepRamsey

I know it’s been a few weeks, and I apologize for being out.  I’m sure my one or maybe (possibly?) two regular readers have been dying to hear me gloat over The Hurt Locker’s massive success at the Oscars and Avatar walking away with only three (although the cinematography one still bugs me).  Continue Reading

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Hurt Locker Beats Avatar! Oscar gets it right (for now).

Posted on 09 March 2010 by Quaid

Why am I writing this article? Because I think it wouldn’t be right if MCS didn’t celebrate the Oscars getting it right, for once. Continue Reading

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Everything You Need to Know About the Oscars! (But, of course, were afraid to ask)

Posted on 05 March 2010 by ShepRamsey

So the Oscars are Sunday.  It’s been a long time coming, and what a whacky Oscar season it’s been.  A small and outstanding Iraq War film has been sweeping the precursors, with its strongest competition being an enormous dopey action movie about blue people and trees. Continue Reading

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Shep’s Top Ten of 2009: After this it’s over…I promise.

Posted on 17 January 2010 by ShepRamsey

Maybe I’m a little late to the game for this and maybe no one cares, but I’m feeling a little self-indulgent today and sometimes this is just a lot of fun, so here it is, folks:  a genuine, certified ShepRamsey annual top ten. Continue Reading

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Let the WTF’s Fly: The Ten Best Movies of the Decade

Posted on 02 January 2010 by HansKlopek

Hans here indulging what seems to be every film critic’s favorite subject these days: the best films of the decade. I have to admit, I’ve been excited about the prospect of putting this list together. Continue Reading

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The Hurt Locker: War is Hell, but some of us think Hell is pretty

Posted on 29 July 2009 by HansKlopek

When Stanley Kubrick went to make his war masterpiece Full Metal Jacket in 1985, a friend reminded him that he already had a great war film, Paths of Glory, to his credit. Continue Reading

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