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Star Wars on Blu-Ray: Using hard science to predict the format’s decline

Posted on 10 January 2011 by Quaid

I’ve written quite a few articles about the blu-ray format and what I think about the future of HD cinema.  So it should come as no surprise that I believe the writing is on the wall for blu-ray, like DVD and VHS before it, to fade away fairly quickly and be replaced with a new format, most likely direct rental and download via web sources. Continue Reading

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No Time for Blu-Ray! Five great movies that STILL aren’t on Region 1 DVD

Posted on 14 September 2009 by ShepRamsey

Personally, I have yet to buy myself a Blu-Ray player, mainly because I have yet to by myself an HD TV, and a Blu-Ray player without an HD TV is like buying a gallon of gas without a car to put it in.  Continue Reading

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New on the Shelf: …(cue the cricket noises)…

Posted on 23 February 2009 by ShepRamsey

Hey friends, Shep here with the rundown of what’s new on DVD this Tuesday, February 24. And the pickin’s are pretty slim, to be honest. Continue Reading

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Slide THIS in Your Machine: The Abyss, Special Edition

Posted on 20 February 2009 by Quaid

Hi all.  Quaid here with the first of what we hope will become a weekly article where we plum the depths of our DVD collections to find something you can watch over the weekend.  It might be old, it might be new, it might be forgotten, but it will always be interesting. Continue Reading

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Discs are sooo 2007: An argument to skip Blu-Ray

Posted on 18 February 2009 by Quaid

Does anyone else out there love Netflix? It’s amazing. When I first got the subscription DVD rental service, I was sending out DVDs almost daily. You couldn’t sate my appetite for movies, mostly old or indie films you couldn’t get anywhere else. Continue Reading

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New on the Shelf: Vinnie Jones and a meat mallet. You didn’t see it, now’s your chance!

Posted on 16 February 2009 by ShepRamsey

Shep here, with the rundown of the notable new DVD releases, including my pick of the litter, The Midnight Meat Train.  All titles hit stores this Tuesday, February 17! Continue Reading

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