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The Town…is Good. That is all.

Posted on 14 September 2010 by Quaid

I’ve always said that it’s a lot easier to write a review for a movie you either passionately love or passionately hate. Continue Reading

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Jon Hamm hits The Town, Ben Affleck’s next directorial effort

Posted on 28 July 2009 by ShepRamsey

Mad Men‘s Jon Hamm will be starring alongside Ben Affleck and Rebecca Hall in the romantic crime thriller The Town, which will be Affleck’s next directorial feature after his success with Gone Baby GoneContinue Reading

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State of Play: Showing us what happened to old-fashioned American journalism.

Posted on 18 April 2009 by Quaid

Let’s get one thing clear.  This movie is the second time I’ve seen Jason Bateman in S&M gear. Continue Reading

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Mike Judge’s Extract gets a trailer! I love Jason Bateman.

Posted on 08 April 2009 by Quaid

You know who’s gotten a bad wrap in the past few years?  Ben Affleck.  So it’s nice to see him playing a slightly different role and being kind of funny. Continue Reading

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