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Smurfs Poster gives me 3-D blue people…without acid!

Posted on 01 September 2009 by Quaid

We told you it was coming.  And now we know exactly what little 3-D Smurfs are going to look like. Continue Reading

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See Disney’s newest 2D baddie! The Princess and the Frog featurette!

Posted on 25 August 2009 by Quaid

I think I’ve made it clear how much I’m looking forward to Disney’s return to 3D animation, and this featurette just elevates my interest. Continue Reading

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More concept art from Disney’s Rapunzel!

Posted on 02 August 2009 by Quaid

While I have faith in Lasseter’s new Disney animation department, so far I’ve seen nothing to really get me excited for their upcoming production of Rapunzel.  Until now. Continue Reading

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Dr. Seuss’s The Lorax to hit screens in 3D!

Posted on 30 July 2009 by Quaid

It’s time for more Seussical shenanigans in your local multiplex.  Universal Pictures and Illumination Media have teamed up for The Lorax, based on the popular book by Dr. Seuss. Continue Reading

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Despicable Me trailer does more damage to the pyramids than the Deceptacons!

Posted on 15 July 2009 by Quaid

You think it’s bad having your Great Pyramids thrashed by giant transforming robots?  Think again. Continue Reading

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A New Pooh for 2011…Winnie, that is.

Posted on 10 June 2009 by Quaid

Soon we’ll be getting The Princess and the Frog, Disney’s first 2-D animated feature in years.  Then, in 2010, we’ll get Rapunzel…which I’ve always wanted to see a Disney take on.  But what about 2011?   Continue Reading

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