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Screen Teens: From Materialism to “Twilight-ification”

Posted on 05 May 2010 by Quaid

It all started in the ’80′s.  That’s when these damn teenagers started to come to power. Continue Reading

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New “Nightmare” Forgets One Thing: Fun

Posted on 30 April 2010 by Quaid

Of all the high profile slasher franchises of the ’80′s, A Nightmare on Elm Street is the best. Continue Reading

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The Hollywood Remake Machine: Why I just don’t care anymore

Posted on 08 April 2010 by ShepRamsey

This month in movies is one of the most remake-heavy that this year has to offer.  Last week assaulted our senses with Clash of the Titans, next week will tickle our funny-bone through Death at a Funeral, and the end of the month will scare us in our scary place by way of A Nightmare on Elm Street.  And I think I’m just about decided that I couldn’t care less. Continue Reading

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Freddy Ain’t Dead! New Nightmare trailer…AND THEY FIXED THE DAMN VOICE!!!

Posted on 25 February 2010 by Quaid

I know we don’t much put up news stories these days, but this is damn cool. And I gots something to say about it. Continue Reading

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Could the new Nightmare be ripping off the ripoff of the original Nightmare?

Posted on 27 October 2009 by Quaid

Okay, the headline is a little sensationalized, but the point is the same. Continue Reading

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A Nightmare on Elm Street teaser trailer looks like it might be kinda cool

Posted on 28 September 2009 by ShepRamsey

I think what surprises me most about this first glimpse of the remake of A Nightmare on Elm Street is how much it borrows from the original film.  Continue Reading

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