Overtime and the OTHER Genre Fest This Weekend

Posted on 25 July 2011 by Quaid

As everyone on the planet knows, the San Diego Comic Con started this past weekend.  There were announcements, shockers, and tons and tons of film news.

Me, though, I didn’t hear about any of that. Because I was eyeballs deep in another festival: The Fright Night Film Festival in Louisville, Kentucky.

Why, you may ask, wasn’t I covering one of the biggest events in the geek world?  Why did I opt for the smaller (but still super fun) Louisville alternative?

The answer is simple.  It’s the same reason this site has, unfortunately, been somewhat neglected over the past few months.  I was premiering a movie I’ve been working on nonstop for the past year.

Just like every other fanboy out there, I have a huge passion for movies. Not just watching them, but making them.

This weekend I premiered “Overtime” to a sold out crowd in my hometown.  We walked away with eight awards including Best of Fest.  This movie has been a blast to make, and I’m extremely proud of it (hence the shameless plug).

I’m a little biased about the film, so I’ll try and keep myself from writing about it.  Instead, I want to post a small article that one of the Fright Night attendees wrote up about the movie.

Still, I would be a hypocrite if I didn’t let the people on this site know about the movie. Because I’m more proud of it than anything I’ve ever done, and my passion is writing about movies.  Why wouldn’t I write about something so personal and so important to me?  I hope you understand.

So check it out on facebook and IMDB.  Look at the trailer, and give me your thoughts.

And without further ado, here’s Christy’s take on the festival experience we had this weekend.  All your filmmakers out there probably know exactly what she’s talking about:

And Suddenly – Everything Changes
by Christy Newland

It was hot, hot, hot at the Fright Night Film Festival.  People swarmed into the vendor area – not just to pore over the masks and makeup and posters and fright masks – but savor the sweet air conditioning that was so absent outside in the lobby.

But there was something hotter than the weather going on at the Con.

In waves, people kept converging on the “Overtime” booth at the Festival.  They would start to walk by – but the trailer would stop them dead in their tracks.  Wide-eyed kids would watch the zombie aliens with their dripping green goo and screeching howls.  Guys would watch the gunplay and laugh at the one-liners.

There was always a crowd watching the big screen.

And then there were the fans.  Kids, girls, guys – they all wanted to meet Al Snow, the TNA wrestling star.  They wanted their pictures taken with him.  And he was sweet and patient – and talked to everyone.  And posed for pictures.  And signed autograph after autograph.  One kid was so proud to shake his hand, that it looked like the smile would break his face in half.

And the fans kept saying, “We’re coming to see this one.  This “Overtime” is the movie we want to see.”

All the folks in the booth wanted to believe it.  The stars, the musicians, the photographers, the producing team.  It was like they kept reassuring themselves that they were going to be a hit.  They believed in the movie, but they still weren’t sure they could relax and really get into being a success.

And suddenly – everything changed.

Two hours before the screening, the line started to grow.  And grow.  People surged toward the doors of the screening room.  People were really worried about getting a seat.  The room filled up.  The air was buzzing with excitement.  There were actually people who couldn’t get in.  Almost two hundred people were turned away.

Brian Cunningham and Matt Niehoff got up to introduce the movie – and, as the saying goes, the crowd went wild.  People watched and laughed and cheered.  “Overtime” was a big, loud, brassy, funny hit.

And finally, the cast, the crew and all the people who made “Overtime” a reality could kick back with a beer and believe it.

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