Thor‘s Full Theatrical Trailer! So THAT’s why they hired Kenneth Branagh

Posted on 18 February 2011 by Quaid

I love Kenneth Branagh. Especially his work on Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein which, other than the name, has about as much in common with Mary Shelley’s book as the 1931 classic.

But Branagh is best known for his work in the realm of William Shakespeare. When mentioning to some non-movie-geek friends that Branagh was directing Marvel’s big-budget comic book adaptation Thor, I was greeted with puzzled looks and a confused utterance of “The Shakespeare guy?”

Branagh’s personal goal in life seems to be to create unabridged filmic versions of just about every William Shakespeare play known to man. Why, then, did the studio think he was a good fit to bring Thor to life?

After watching the full trailer today, though, I get it. This whole affair feels like Shakespeare meets Lord of the Rings with a slightly awkward “fish out of water” element thrown in for good measure. I think the studio heads read the script and looked at the source material and thought, “How can we make this over-the-top dialogue about gods and kings work and not seem silly.”

Answer: Get the Shakespeare guy!

All kidding aside, I’m really looking forward to this one. Especially since it’s got Natalie Portman in it.

Here’s the trailer:

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