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Where the Hell Are My New Years’ Movies!?!

Posted on 28 December 2010 by Quaid

We call them the holidays. And yes, that’s because December is the time of not just Christmas, but Hanukkah, Quanza, and Festivus just to name a few.  Plus we get Thanksgiving about a month before all this. Continue Reading

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In Search of the Perfect “Christmas Carol.”

Posted on 21 December 2010 by Quaid

“A Christmas Carol.”  It’s Charles’ Dickens’ immortal classic about the true meaning of Christmas and one of a handful of Christmas books the public at large has heard of. Continue Reading

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Tron vs. Swan: The Holiday Season Movie Conondrum

Posted on 17 December 2010 by Quaid

It’s the Holiday season, and we all know what that means.  Joy.  Shopping.  Good Cheer. Shopping.  Santa Claus and cookie baking.  Shopping.  And, of course, the holiday movie season. Continue Reading

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127 Hours: The joy of living to tell the tale

Posted on 16 December 2010 by HansKlopek

Hans back with a review of one of the better movies you are likely to see this year, 127 Hours. Continue Reading

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Why Michael Bay is full of S#!&!

Posted on 07 December 2010 by Quaid

I’m going to be honest, faithful readers.  I’m a little sad today. It’s probably a combination of being sick and sleeping too much mixed with the cold weather and the impending shopping duties of Christmas. Bottom line, though: I need a pick-me-up. Continue Reading

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Now Playing on Netflix: Captain Kirk as a Hippie, or, Everything You Never Knew You Never Knew About the Emergence of Californian Wine

Posted on 06 December 2010 by ChloeG

I avoided this one for a long time.  Docu-dramas don’t really strike me as real movies, and one about wine was even less appealing than most.  Skepticism is warranted, but for reasons outside of my control I did end up starting it.  And because of an amusing selection of cast, I continued watching it. Continue Reading

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