Will People Pay Extra to See Gwyneth Paltrow Punched in the Face?

Posted on 20 April 2010 by Quaid

Let me ask the question…Who’s stoked about seeing Iron Man 2?  Early word is that the movie is significantly more cool with better action and a more rousing story than the first. In other words, it seems to be following the Spider-Man formula.

Unfortunately, though, in our world of viral marketing, that isn’t enough. Nope, in order to get horny 14-year-old boys in the theater you need Scarlet Johansson in black leather….and Gwyneth Paltrow being punched in the face.

You see, AICN ran a story earlier saying that it’s significantly possible that our favorite hottie-sidekick Pepper Potts might very well get punched out in the upcoming Iron Man movie. This information, apparently, came from “an inside source,” and the article was pulled after Jon Favreau himself picked up the phone to whine about the scoop.

But that didn’t stop The Onion from spoofing the ridiculousness of this viral piece of movie-geek news.

And it got me thinking…does the idea of seeing a beautiful actress getting punched in the face really cause such a stir with the  Iron Man fan base?  Why do young males want to see awesomely attractive females (who they lust after unendingly) get beat up?

I could very easily go some very dark places with this question, calling on our human instincts for violence and procreation.  Instead I’ll push for the lighter answer.  It can SOMETIMES be funny to see people you wouldn’t expect to see punched GET punched…in a humorous and fictitious way, of course.

I mean, just think about it.  Richard Simmons getting high kicked to the side of the head.  Dr. Phil fighting off a cadre of ninjas who batter him about.  Paris Hilton getting her head chopped off in a horror movie about people being encased alive in wax.

Yes, face it….violence can be funny, and when it happens to someone you wouldn’t traditionally associate with violence, your WTF sensor goes haywire and it’s time to laugh.

I don’t honestly think that this news is going to get more people into the theater.  Any guy who gets excited about this “scoop” was going to go see Iron Man 2 anyway.  But if Pepper Potts does get punched…and if it’s played for humor…then expect a few fanboys to start giggling.

Me, I’ll be outwardly appalled by the glorification of violence occurring in our mass media.  But I’ll still chuckle when Sarah Jessica Parker gets kicked in the groin.  And then I’ll feel bad about it.                           

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