Freddy Ain’t Dead! New Nightmare trailer…AND THEY FIXED THE DAMN VOICE!!!

Posted on 25 February 2010 by Quaid

I know we don’t much put up news stories these days, but this is damn cool. And I gots something to say about it.

First, check out the NEW TRAILER for A Nightmare on Elm Street. Then I’ll do my talkin’ below.

When I first heard about this remake, I was scared. Then I saw some of the concept stuff coming out of the production, and I got excited. This is a great franchise that could really stand a good reboot. Sure, “re-imagining” Freddy is a bit sacrilegious to the ’80′s horror fan in me, but I’d rather see Jackie Earle Haley take a stab at it than anyone.

When it comes down to it, I just want another Freddy movie so bad I’ll take whatever they want to do with the franchise. And as a non-fan of the super-campy Freddy vs. Jason, I’m glad the producers aren’t continuing down that path.

When I saw the first trailer, though, I was disappointed. The tone was there and the visuals were great, but Freddy didn’t work for me. He seemed like a standard burn victim with a borderline offensive mentally-challenged-sounding voice.

So why am I so excited about this trailer. THEY FIXED THE DAMN VOICE!!! Freddy sounds scary and menacing, and there is even a tiny hint of that dry sarcasm we love about him…even though it’s buried under tons of dark menace.

I think I’m going to enjoy this version of Freddy. And, by extension, the movie.

Thank God this one still has weird dream-logic visuals. Thank God it doesn’t appear to be a clone of the other remakes (the Friday the 13th remake might as well have just been another entry in the reboot of the Texas Chainsaw Massacreseries).

I’m legitimately excited to see this one, opening night with a crowd of goofy screaming fans. I know what I’m going as for Halloween this year!

And for those of your curious, here’s the best looking still of Freddy I could pull from the above trailer. ¬†Click to make bigger.


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  1. Rachel Says:

    Hell to the Yeah. I’m so glad they fixed the voice. I can’t wait to see it. Thanks for keeping me up on it!

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