We’re a year old! Let’s watch the Oscars and write a book!

Posted on 22 February 2010 by Quaid

Hello world, Quaid here with some updates about your favorite movie site.

So did you know we’re officially a year old?  That’s right, it was early February 2009 that MovieChopShop spewed its first unpublished article to the internet.  Since then we’d like to think we’ve gotten a little better at writing, thinking, and proofreading, but perusing the articles we put up in our freshmen quarter (and Jesus Christ were there a lot of them), I’m still really proud of the work we’ve done.

Since then, the site has grown and changed.  We’ve moved away from standard news reporting.  The reason?  We honestly didn’t enjoy it and would rather put our energies toward coming up with something unique than recycling trade articles you can find just about everywhere on the internet.  Yeah, our hit count went down slightly, but we’re back on top.  And our souls are still in tact.

Also, you’ve probably noticed that Hans is MIA, in general.  This isn’t because of some falling out or physical altercation…he got a big-boy job as an editor and had to move across the state and spends his entire life bringing more important news to less important people.

Throughout all these changes, though, our goal has remained consistent: put forward intelligent and well thought out articles that you really can’t find anywhere else on the web.

And we’ve written a lot of stuff.  Hundreds of thousands of words of stuff.  So much stuff that you could make a whole book out of it…

So that’s what we’re doing.

By mid-March (hopefully), MCS will publish our first book.  It is a fairly straightforward compilation of our favorite articles from this year, touching on almost every major film release since last February.  We just thought it would be neat for our fans (and ourselves) to have a nice keepsake that can remind them of the year in movies and some of the cooler stuff we managed to throw together.

The book will be available via this site and a few others come March.

While we published articles throughout February of last year, the official MovieChopShop kickoff was really last year’s Oscar telecast.  We live-blogged the program, and this year we hope to one-up ourselves….we’re going to stream us watching and commenting on the Oscars, live.

Why would you want to watch this?  I have no idea.  Probably just to see Shep’s rage when Avatar wins best picture.  Hehe…

MovieChopShop has always been and will always be about sharing passion for movies, and this book and this live event seem like great ways for us to celebrate everything we love about movies and the people we share them with.

We hope to see you for the Oscars.                           

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  1. Rachel Says:

    I can’t wait :) Put me down for one!

  2. HansKlopek Says:

    Apologies for my absence, faithful readers. Hopefully I’ll return to you all one day.

  3. herbal sex pills Says:

    I have to say, i guess that the oscars is great to watch, and i really think that the hurt locker is a impressive movie to watch!

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