Most Overrated Movie of 2009: Avatar

Posted on 31 December 2009 by ShepRamsey

It didn’t take long for me to discover that I’m in a pretty meager minority with this one.  Most people that I’ve been talking to absolutely loved Avatar, James Cameron’s long-awaited follow-up to his 1997 megahit Titanic.

Hell, I was looking mighty forward to it, myself, and when I sat down for that midnight screening earlier this month I was genuinely excited.  As were a lot of peoavatar_ver5ple.  And a lot of people got what they were hoping for.  But not this disappointed moviegoer.

Avatar has been something of a darling among critics and audiences alike.  It’s well on its way to earning back its massive budget at the box office, and has achieved Certified Fresh status on RottenTomatoes as well as Universal Acclaim on MetaCritic.  All the while, I feel like I’m the only one who just doesn’t get it.

And it is with that sense of lone chagrin that I name Avatar the most overrated movie of 2009.  Last year, Quaid bestowed that dishonor upon Ron Howard’s Best Picture-nominee Frost/Nixon.  A good choice, but I suspect my choice for this year will have a stronger and louder band of supporters backing it up.

But, really, overrated isn’t the right word.  Overrated is a word that works better for a movie like Frost/Nixon, a movie where all of the things that many people thought were impressive just…weren’t.  Avatar is a movie that I feel like I’m looking at through a completely different set of eyes than most.

And so, to start things off on the wrong foot and get everyone’s blood a-boilin’, let me say that I believe that the right word to describe Avatar can only be to say that it is most certainly dismally “stupid.”

Avatar is a stupid movie with stupid ideas and a stupid brain that is too incredibly stupid to recognize any of its glaring stupidities.

There. I said it.

Stupid is a word that is so commonly used by everyone to describe movies, yet it’s one that I almost always make a point never to use.  It’s too broadly dismissive and never means quite what is meant by the person using it.  To me, there’s a difference between “It was bad” and “It was stupid.”  And to me, Avatar is stupid.

Now, I will certainly admit that the visual prowess of Avatar is unmatched, perhaps even groundbreaking, but time will tell with that one.  But it’s also a movie that, no matter how aesthetically pleasing, can’t overcome its one glaring folly.  Many people will admit, to my credit, that the story isn’t quite up to snuff, but for my money, Avatar is one of the absolute worst scripts of the decade.

Before I get into it, let me just say that I usually pride myself on my negative reviews a lot more than my positive reviews, but in this case there’s so much foam slobbering from my mouth that I’m unsure that I’ll be able to scrape it all off into a frothy brew from which we can all sip the poetry of my rage.  But I can sure as hell try.

From the story/message/theme standpoint, you might have heard it being described as a bAvatarStill3ig action movie version of Dances with Wolves or Ferngully: The Last Rainforest.  To say that does a disservice to both of those movies.  At least Ferngully had fairies and a funny talking bat.

If you haven’t seen it yet, Avatar centers on a character named Jake Sully, played by Sam Worthington, who you might remember from Terminator: Salvation.  He’s a crippled marine that gets called in to assist some scientists on the moon of Pandora.  Never mind why.  It really doesn’t matter. 

The moon is populated by natives known as the Na’vi, gigantic gangly blue sparkly people.  His job is to get plugged into an “avatar” (Hey! That’s the title of the movie!) which will allow him to wander the lands of Pandora as one of the Na’vi, all while his real body rests comfortably in an incubation pod or whatever the hell it is back at the base. 

The humans on the moon want to mine the land of the Na’vi for its resources.  I can’t recall what specifically they want, some kind of mineral.  It really doesn’t matter.    The humans would like for the Na’vi to move, and are more than happy to resort to violent force or genocide, whichever comes first. 

The military leader on Pandora asks Jake to investigate the Na’vi to see if there’s anyway that they’ll ever leave their land quietly and peacefully.  When considering the way that Cameron broadly demonizes all of his antagonists, this request is pretty uncharacteristic, but that’s a minor quibble in a movie full of major incompetence. 

Jake soon starts to fall in with the Na’vi, becomes more acclimated with their culture, and even falls in love with one of them (Zoe Saldana from Star Trek).  And he soon realizes that there is no chance that they’ll ever give up their land.  The Na’vi are nature-centric and share a sort of collective consciousness with all plants and animals of Pandora.  They are able to literally plug themselves into the nature around them as if they were all nerve endings of the giant brain that is Pandora.  And how cool that could have been! 

After not long, Jake is officially inducted as being one of them (even though they all know that he’s actually just a dude in a box a few miles away), and is fully ready to fight off the evil human types who sent him out their in the first place and want to drive them out and rape their lands and grrrrr!

Now, maybe I’m sounding more cynical than I intend to right now.  If you want to make a movie about environmental preservation, that’s all well and good, but please first make sure that you are of sound mind.

This is where James Cameron misstepped with Avatar.

An early red flag I had about Avatar occurravatar-still1ed when watching James Cameron on “60 Minutes” a few weeks ago.  Morley Safer was asking Cameron about the design of the Na’vi (which, for all of the amazing-looking creatures in this movie, the Na’vi sure look dumb) and he was noting their tails.  “Why tails?” he asked James.  A pretty softball kind of question, but his immediate reply alarmed me.  James Cameron sort of half-smiled and said with boyish glee “Well, tails are cool!” 

And that kind of “Well (fill in the blank) is cool!” mindset seems to be the only thing that was driving him during the entire process of making Avatar and it just doesn’t cut it for the subject matter he wishes to explore.  It seems like all of his best ideas started and stopped at “Well, that’s cool!”

This is a movie where everybody is plugging themselves into everything, becoming a part of something else, and the thematic weight of it is totally lost on the guy who thought it all up in the first place.

For example, the Na’vi can plug themselves into plants and animals to be peaceful and at one with nature.  That sounds nice, but PETA would have a field day with this one, and they’d be right to.  The Na’vi plug themselves into the animals, and proceed to make them do awful and dangerous things.  Sure, the animals are consenting to be plugged, but once done, the Na’vi are the masters and the animals have no free will of their own; sort of a slap in the face to Cameron’s thematic ideas about being one with nature.

Meanwhile, in the parallel plugging ventures, the evil humans plug themselves into machines (not unlike the power loader from Aliens) to rape and pillage lands and cause all sorts of destruction.  And finally there are the select few good humans who plug themselves into the Na’vi to learn more about their culture. 


Well, at the end of the movie, all three of these peoples plug themselves into their respective outlets and proceed to kill each other (all for the sake of a big action sequence) in one of the most outrageous displays of gleeful cinematic savagery you’ll see all year. 

You’d think a movie that boasts such a “we are the world” collective consciousness kind of idea wouldn’t create bad guys that are so simplistically evil and good guys that see fit to kill them all at the drop of a hat.  You’d also think that a movie with such an obviously anti-war ideology wouldn’t be so proud to bask in the thrilling glorification of war-like violence.

I understand that “this is our land!” and all that bullshit, but I just think it’s a shame that the reverence that James Cameron has for natural habitats and plant life doesn’t extend to human and animAvatar2al life.

Remember the ending of The Abyss: Special Edition where the aliens almost wipe out humanity with gigantic tidal waves, but instead stop the waves before they hit and let it serve as a warning of “Hey! Stop killing each other…or we’ll kill you.”  Kinda dumb, right? 

Just think if the aliens in The Abyss actually had wiped out all of humanity.  Well, that’s sort of what Cameron is up to here.  Avatar functions with a similar thought process of “Hey! Stop stealing and raping lands that don’t belong to you…or we’ll kill you.”  Only, this time, he follows through.  The guy just doesn’t get it!

No one in this movie even learns any kind of a lesson—and I get a sense that if anyone did, it would probably be the wrong damn lesson.  As far as the “good guys” are concerned, they are perfect and have no lessons to learn, and all of the “bad guys” are either exterminated or exiled.  It’s such a simple-minded endeavor that it’s damn near unbearable to sit through.


Imagine a seven-year-old kid with a wildly active imagination, but without a fully matured sense of right and wrong, justice and injustice. Now imagine him sitting you down to watch him put on a two-hour-and-forty-minute play for you with his action figures and you’ll get a sense of what the Avatar experience is like. 

James Cameron has supposedly been working on this movie for years and years and years, and it shows: his ideas are immature and juvenile at best and the most broadly agreeable interpretation of his message is so hackneyed, obvious, and dated it might have only made for a stirring film about 400 years ago.  And those primitive fuckers would have been just as floored by Did You Hear About the Morgans?  (“No, sir, I haven’t! Tell me!”)

I realize that my grievances with this movie seem mostly…political, for lack of a better term, but I argue that they are mostly logical and even humanitarian.  Avatar is a thoughtless, careless movie and it’s all the more disappointing and distressing that something so visually arresting that had the beginnings of so many great ideas (like the ideas of avatars and the collective consciousness of Pandora) could go so horribly wrong—and right from the word go, too.

Avatar isn’t really a good movie at any point.  It’s a shame that James Cameron is such a control freak because he could really stand to have a second set of eyes look over his scripts.  His dialogue is the very definition of atrocious, filled to the top with ridiculously cliché haggard-movie-hero one liners like “I didn’t sign up for this,” which I realize was also used in The Dark Knight, and while I can’t totally condone it in that film, its context and delivery were a bit more forgivable and maybe even a tad self-aware. 

In Avatar, however, it’s serious—dead serious. Everyone is deavatar still2ad serious as they deliver some of the dumbest and laziest dialogue you’re likely to hear in anything else this year. 

Giovanni Ribisi, as the corporate head thirsting after Pandora’s MacGuffinous resources, is the only one in the movie who looks like he’s at least trying to make the dialogue work.  Sometimes he succeeds, mostly he doesn’t.  It’s a shame, really.  Not even Sigourney Weaver is very good here, as she’s forced to say lines like “If you’re going to pee on my leg, at least have the courtesy to tell me it’s raining.”  It was funny when it was the title of a Judge Judy book, Mr. Cameron, but it’s not movie dialogue.

Character arcs (in the rare occasion of their implementation) are treated in a very off-handed “oh, by the way” sort of approach, always taking a backseat to heavy-handed preachiness and over-the-top action.  In fact I defy you to give a damn about any single character in this movie.

His symbolisms and preachiness are so heavy-handed, and the plot is such a shameless mishmash of tired plot threads borrowed from countless movies, in particular the early nineties’ cops-and-surfers flick Point Break, which, curiously, was executive produced by James Cameron and directed by his ex-wife Kathryn Bigelow.

Like Cameron with Avatar, Bigelow returned to the big screen this year after an extended absence, her last film being 2002’s submarine thriller K-19: The Widowmaker.  Fortunately for her, however, her new film, The Hurt Locker, is an infinitely better, smarter, and more mature film than Cameron’s, and might just earn her an Oscar.  With that film, she portrays soldiers as the people that they are, and not the expendable, evil collateral damage of war that Cameron seems to see.  Wonder why they divorced—I guess Bigelow felt wrong about being married to a child.

There’s just no defending the script of Avatar. If you enjoyed the movie for the visuals and the epic scope, and got caught up in all of it, then that’s fine.  I understand.  Personally, I didn’t.  When I wasn’t irritated, I was bored, squirming around in my seat, waiting a long, long time for it to be over.  I believe Avatar to be a bad movie.  A bad, bad movie.  I know many others don’t feel the same at all, and every day it’s looking more and more like a lock for a Best Picture nomination.  So maybe there’s something I just missed, but if there is, I really have no desire to ever sit back down in front of this movie to find out just what it was.                           

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  1. JimboSingSing Says:

    Fantastic review I felt very much the same.
    You are not alone.

    The much vaunted animation was not even that good. I think we have all seen Coruscant in that other series of dumb movies by that guy Lucas…..prequals they call them……The battle over coruscant in the third film was just as dumb and just as intensive.

    As for Avatar which is set to launch Camerons own franchiseable world/universe (Yes this is what hes doing selling for kids) It was like Dances With Wolves meets Little Big Man, Last of the Mohicans, Ferngully and the final Matrix film with giant smurfs acting like Ewoks.


  2. d_dappa Says:

    Don’t be surprised by the masses loving this garbage. I’ve recently been in arguments with people who thought Wolverine was an Oscar-deserving masterpiece. It must be a conspiracy by the powers that be to dumb-down the population, frankly, there’s no other explanation.

    Its a crying shame that the world is in such a state that people can overlook such a horrificly sub-par script based on sparkly effects and CGI polish alone. This inconsistent, unimaginative piece of **** doesn’t deserve half the praise its getting.
    I saw it and immediately thought Lord of the Rings meets Pocahontas… I later apologised to both Lord of the Rings and Pocahontas. I spent my time getting flicked on the ear by my girlfriend and being repeatedly asked ‘You’ve seen this already haven’t you?’. No, I hadn’t. It was just horribly predictable. You know something’s wrong when you can write half the script just from seeing the trailer.

    This is what happens when you give Micheal Bay’s secret love child over quarter of a billion follars to play with (you know, the love child who only got a fraction of his father’s questionable talent).
    F$%king shameless…. someone gives you quarter billion during a recession your f*%king film better be a Nobel prize winning revelation of a blockbuster.

  3. Aya Says:

    I thought I was going insane… Thank you for assuring me that I’m not alone.

  4. Greg Says:

    Yeah I agree with everyone above. My girlfriend and I saw this movie today and it was complete crap. The whole movie was like watching grass grow and by the end you just felt like complaining to the cinema staff for a full refund of your ten bucks you just wasted on this piece of multimillion dollar garbage. Avoid!

  5. Cavorka Says:

    YOU are my hero!
    Seriously, I had the idea I was one of the few who could see right through this film!
    It’s a shockingly overrated piece of crap totally unworthy of the praise(and money) it gets from both audiences and critics!
    It’s a soulless, selfproclaimed ‘thrill-ride’…dammit, I was waiting 2 hours and 40 minutes for any thrills but no!
    The ‘action’scenes felt completely unnecessary and were only there to fool moviegoers into thinking that they were seeing an epic!

    For example: when that guy(ya know, the one with the bad acting skills) becomes that blue thing, he suddenly gets up, runs through the whole facillity, jumps over a damn farm and shit…what was the point of that scene? It was Satan Himself(J. Cameron) trying to show his magic tricks and trying to create suspense…

    I’m disgusted! Although I still think The Titanic is worse…

  6. Stace Says:

    You’ve alleviated my pain, dude. I almost felt ashamed walking out of the movie theater thinking I was the only one not impressed by this film. I wanted to like it. Hell, I wanted to love it. But walking out of there, I only felt relief it was over. I’ll take Disney’s version of Pocahontas any day. I wouldn’t be so damned disappointed if the freaking thing wasn’t 2 hours and 40 minutes long!! The story has been told before, the script sucked, I didn’t care about the characters, and nearly 3 hours of my life gone… I think I only have myself to blame though. I hated Titanic too.

  7. Turbo Steve Says:

    For those who haven’t seen – spoiler alert.

    In my readings of reviews it has become clear that much of the info in the film is very easy to miss. It’s 2154, earth in in ruins and the mineral ‘unobtainium’ (real name), which is used in the rehabilitation of earth is mined from the moon pandora. The stuff sells at 20 million a kilo and it just so happens that the richest vein closest to the existing mine site is right on a na’ve village. The company wants the site because quarterly profit slumps look bad for the shareholders and they aren’t going to take no for an answer. battles are fought for the land and not with the natives themselves. Na’ve casulaties are the result of there resistance to the companies domanence over them. Demoralisation through the destuction of the remaining sacred site leads to the climactic battle which they somehow lose. It also has a definate installment feel. I agree with ramseys critism. The above is basically the movie, minus the avatar program and the imput of jake which barely affects the ending at all.

    To me this film represents a copy of camerons approach to titanic – very well done visually but lacking in other areas. given the $500m total investment its not suprising the movie took a ‘safe’ approach designed to be engaging to the population as a whole without the risk of turning off anybody. Unfortunately this approach turns it into eye candy and is best viewed with ones brain put in neutral.
    Without the graphics and attention to detail the film would simply be B grade. It is this visual quality that makes overlooking the story tantemount to dereliction of duty by cameron or fox studios. There is no spark, there is no twist, there is no nothing in this movie to excite beyond the visuals.

    It strikes me as odd that in the sci-fi genre, where originality is the bread and butter, that a film that almost totally lacks it can be so sucessful. To fill some of the time i tried to decide where i had seen various plot points, props, ect before (took a surprisingly long time).
    Without the big screen this one will fade to obscurity faster than you can say overrated, but unlike other graphically revelotionary films like shreik the rewatch value on the small screen in severely limited. Though for now we have the sequels to look forward to: Avatar 2; The search for more money, and Avatar 3; When Camerons ego threatens to eclipse the size of the universe.

  8. Jimbo Jones Says:

    This was one of the toughest times I’ve ever had sitting through a movie. I have a good attention span and can sit patiently through some real sleepers, but this was the first movie in a long time that had me checking my watch throughout. Everything was as you said it was, and I didn’t even think the CGI was all that impressive. The blue guys still looked like cartoons characters.

    The next day, I went to my university classes and told people my thoughts, and received strong reaction from everyone, including my profs (except the philosophy prof, who agreed with me). I can’t believe how everyone is defending this film like its their child.

    I think I have a good theory, though. It makes people feel smart. As stupid as that sounds, people seem to love proclaiming how deep this movie is and how they saw all the “themes” like the resource-exploitation, etc. What a bunch of bull.

    The same thing happened with Transformers — the masses love it and seriously think it can win oscars. But I even enjoyed Transformers more than this pile of garbage, because at least Transformers didn’t take itself seriously.

  9. Rosie Says:

    I think that the 3-D effects of AVATAR were overrated. And the movie’s plot was not that original.

    But if you want my vote for the most overrated film of 2009, set your sights upon STAR TREK. How the majority of film critics failed to spot so many plot holes is beyond me.

  10. Timothy Nguyen Says:

    If you watched South Park’s “Dances with Smurfs”, you already know the whole plot

  11. Joe Badalamente Says:

    I give Cameron and co a standing ovation (once again!) for a million-milestone (billion!) in cinematic history; the technological achievement in the film is amazing. Another positive is this doesn’t feel like a 2 and 1/2 hour film, although I feel it could have shed 20 minutes or so for the sake of the story.

    The story? Oh, yes! The story!

    It should have been called “Dances With Blues”; I think Costner may have a pretty good leg to stand on in a lawsuit. (My twelve year old whispered to me about thirty minutes in, “Dad, this is exactly like Pocahontas!”)

    Furthermore, the lead Sam Worthington’s Aussie accent came out so often I found myself amazed that a seasoned director like Cameron who has worked with heavyweights like Di Caprio, Weaver and Winslet didn’t just say “OK, mate, just speak with your native inflections!”

    BUT, and this is a bigger but than J-Lo’s; that would have upset Jim’s applecart of America bashing. Isn’t it interesting that all the major bad guys in this film were played by white men of European descent with American accents in a story that takes place 150 years in the future? Wait, did I say interesting? How about BORING? Interesting would have been to cast African American or Hispanic men as the antagonists to illustrate the universality of human evil, no? Better yet, a Native American female as the head bad gal, just to show how a member of any ethnic group (or gender) can become corrupted when tempted by material success and infected with the emotional virus of greed. Oh, that’s right; I’m being a naughty ADD’d child of the seventies! Only Caucasian males are susceptible!

    Cameron, genius that he is, is infected with another type of virus that is endemic in the Hollywood community; self-hatred. And by self I mean the ethnic group that he hails from, the aforementioned white male of European ancestry. The group that was responsible for African slavery and the decimation of the American Indian and Australian Aborigine and colonization of peoples around the world. Yet it is the same group that ended slavery, went to the moon and made giant leaps for mankind in every discipline of science. Many from this group have just this past week sped to the aid of victims of what is likely to be the worst natural disaster in modern human history. I’m pretty sure most of these “white boys” and girls are not hiding any ulterior motives in their hearts as they put themselves in harm’s way to help their brothers and sisters.

    Yes it can be argued that the aforementioned slavery has a direct causal relationship to Haiti’s poverty and that inhuman institution surely involved some of these rescuers’ distant relatives. But I’m also sure that many Native and African American distant relatives brutalized neighboring tribes, killing their men and children, and stealing their women, all in the name of…greed!

    As a white male (Sorry!) that spent twenty years in the NYPD, I’m always amazed at how easily people, both liberal and conservative paint law enforcement with stereotypical brush strokes. Yet, of the several members of my extended family that have been crime victims, in each and every case it was at the hands of an Hispanic or African American male; it would never occur to me or any of them (OK, maybe my dad!) to view all members of those groups as potential criminals. And I take that shot at my old man to illustrate a point; with education and experience, people, and entire generations, can learn. Just not, it seems, with the Hollywood elite.

    Modern research has shown that the popular mythology surrounding Native Americans as tree hugging conservationists who were one with the earth is mostly a construct of the pale-face imagination. Long before any Italian shoe touched North American soil the many tribes that inhabited the continent were fishing lakes until they were void of life and moving on to the next. They fought long bloody wars with each other in which exhibited similar abhorrent behaviors to their European, Asian and African brethren. Hmm. Why might that be? Could it be for the same reason that every culture ever encountered has religion? How about the hundreds of universal traits of facial expressions and other human tics and taboos found around the globe documented by Dr Steven Pinker in his book The Blank Slate. Simply put; people are people, period. And that includes white Americans.

    (In his Pulitzer prize winning book “Guns, Germs and Steel” Jared Diamond shows clearly that European material abundance is a direct result of an accident of geography, i.e., ease of trading of ideas and goods along the Silk Road, etc. Is there anyone who believes if African or Native American or Australian Aboriginals were the benefactors of a similar windfall they would have behaved any differently?)

    Despite all of this, the characters of Parker Selfridge (!) and Colonel Mikes Quartrich played by Giovanni Ribisi and Stepehen Lang, respectively, though well acted, are so tired and cookie cutter I wanted to scream. At some point the terms “shock and awe” and “fight terror with terror” and “preemptive strike” are mentioned in a strategy session amongst the mercenaries! Like the way-overrated (IMHO) Dark Knight, this film’s political message is as subtle as Liberace at a wake! Listen, as a big movie fan I’m used to having my intelligence insulted; I just wish they would do it in a more creative way! But Cameron knows his target audience is 18 to 25 year olds that broke their teeth on animated fare like “Fern Gully”, so why bother?

    And again, how much cooler and more interesting to have had Forrest Whitaker or Beyonce (or Jimmy Smits and Maria Conchita-Alonso!) as both as Selfridge and Quatrich, spewing alien racial slurs and leading the slaughter? No. What we got instead was one of the few Hispanic actors in the film (Michelle Rodriguez) having a change of heart in the midst of battle, no doubt due to her Latina genes feeling a spiritual connection to the Pandorans! (Who, BTW, ride horse-like creatures, use arrows and paint their faces…sorry, I just stopped writing to scream!)

    But I believe Cameron’s hatred (and Costner’s and ________fill in the blank!) blinds him and much of Hollywood to even the possibility of the variations in the casting that I have mentioned. And you are free to disagree or call it what you will. I call it racism. Not “reverse racism”. Racism.

    Some will argue that Worthington’s character is a white male and he turns on his own to fight against evil…spoiler coming…but in the end HE FORSAKES NOT JUST HIS ETHNICITY, BUT HIS RACE! The human race, that is, by literally becoming an alien! Can you hear me? I’m screaming again!

    I apologize if this comes across as a rant, but I awoke with it lying heavy on my mind. Like I said, I spent twenty years policing New York City, along the way encountering and fighting racism and prejudice on the streets and in the locker rooms, at times literally risking limb, if not life. Most people will view Avatar (and quite a few will see it over and over) and find it to be enjoyable escapism; I believe it carries a tired and even harmful undertone. (At the very least, Cameron’s vision of the future ignores current ethnic population trends in the United States; the bad guy could very well been of Korean, Arabic or East Indian descent!)

    Since I am very much and all or nothing kind of guy, I usually simplify my movie reviews to friends by saying whether or not I would sit through a film again, whether in the theater or on dvd or cable. And although I have watched other Cameron films like T1 and 2 and Aliens AND Titanic (I have two daughters! AND a wife who lusts after Leonardo!) more than once, when it comes to Avatar, I quote Jack Nicholson’s character, retired astronaut Garrett Breedlove (!!!) from Terms of Endearment; “I’d rather stick needles in my eyes.”

  12. Buddy Morrissey Says:

    Great review, great comments. I’ll watch this one on a Chinese bootleg, so 1) I know I’m not in any way encouraging this kind of tripe and 2) I can get up frequently to do something more useful with my time.

    I am still one of the few in my circle of associates who thinks “Titanic” was one of the most boring (next to “Out of Africa”) movies ever made. I am told I’m unromantic because I muse on the stench in steerage when Kate and Leonardo mingle with the common folk, or looked at like I’m a puppy-killer because I suggest that the death of Fabrizio( Leo’s cartoon Italian friend) was an overdue high point of the movie.

    I’ve already come across the Emperor’s New Clothes effect among my associates. Nobody wants to admit this is dumb crap for dumb people. I think my favorite “news” article was on the half-wits suffering depression because they had realized our own world could never be as idyllic as Pandora. Right.

    Can’t wait to see this one now, just to see if it’s as lousy as I expect.

  13. Rusty Says:

    I’m so glad to see this review (although I found it a little late). And seeing the comments, maybe we can start a support group? Avatar haters anonymous or something? My only complaint: you forgot to mention the scene in which Sully rapes a pterodactyl. Keep up the good work.

  14. BenO Says:

    I really enjoyed it. The visuals dragged me in and i happily went along with it. The movie didnt feel long and even though most characters were stereotypes/cookie-cutters i didnt mind (as an example did we really need to establish the character of the colonel or the administrator anymore than in the movie?)
    I will buy it on blu-ray when it comes out and i am wondering if the “wow” factor will have faded enough for me to have a different opinion of the movie.
    It may end up the reverse of star trek, which i disliked when i saw it at the cinema. but enjoyed it a lot more when i saw it recently on DVD.
    So much of marketing movies or books seems to be creating phenomenons. You must see twilight! you must watch avatar! you must read the da vinci code!

  15. Null Says:

    Sorry, nothing bad to say here. I liked it…

  16. iwhitechapeli Says:

    ok i thought i was the only that thought the story line wasnt completely developedand the animation wasnt any better than any other movie/video game thats came out in the past 5 years really its was literally cowboys vs. indians via 2145 or watever the damn random ass year was good riddance i watched it from a bittorrent and not in theatres i probably wouldve argued with the cinema employees until i atleast got half of the 9.50 ticket price not including tax they charge for shit like this i honestly learned more from freddy got fingered with tom green with him jacking off a horse saying “look daddy im a farmer im a farmer”

  17. dan fewel Says:

    It’s disturbing, LOL-funny at first, to see people making up or painting their faces like the Navi homosapiens on Does this commitment mark them a true fan, a fool, or show some jester of their rave for this film? Once I saw the film(my reason being reconnecting with an old friend), it confirmed my impressions of the trailer: Some stories strung into one molding a more visually stimulating background for story. I find a common mirage effect of film is to take the shot of someone or something to an extreme, thus provoking the viewer’s feelings. Some movies succeed in cinematograpy work, logically and strategically and uniquely to convey feelings or stylized action in shots(closeup of body-talk, through the first person’s eyes) to cover the groundwork for something of a resolution. What I’m saying in this film Avatar is different shots or scenes licit feelings that send a message of lust, or chemistry, or what is strength, it’s littered in the detail (and figuratively with luminescent make-up/everything’s-make/made-up.) So, much through knowing James Cameron the face behind the film, who put him in charge or gave him the grant (who are those peeps?), Makeup, Storyline, Crap Props, Face the facts it’s Elveish/Centaur (extra-terrestrial) and people clashing set in an alternate planet. , I’m not going to see it again because

  18. Minky Says:

    You are sooo right! Everything you said is spot on, I don’t understand the hype or why so many people think it’s so wonderful. I even started to wonder if it’s a generational gap thing, as I am 34 and technology has advanced so much since I was a teen. Perhaps today’s youth doesn’t require a story line? did Cameron dumb it down? what was he thinking? I guess I’ll never know because like yourself, I am not willing to revisit this movie.

  19. Paige Says:

    I completely agree with you. It’s one of the most overrated movies I’ve ever seen, and I honestly don’t see the appeal of it whatsoever.

  20. John Says:

    What movie did you watch? After reading 25 paragraphs of this stupid review, there seems to be absolutely no merit or even proof that you even paid any attention to the plot. My best guess is that you just decided to write a review that you had someone else watch for you which in turn you had them tell you about.
    If you need to trash the film, at least give your readers the respect that properly represent the film accurately. Why neglect the actual storytelling as dismissive when you are deconstructing the story at the same time?
    That fact that you labeled the evil human’s as military denotes that you totally dropped the ball on this detail. All the “evil human’s” were mercenaries hired by the “Corporation”. You know the kind that can actually sell nuclear weapon’s to terrorists? There’s no anti war theme in this movie at all but, like in all Cameron’s films, there is an anti Corporation monopoly and genocide theme.
    Sometimes people’s own stupidity is they’re only demise such as yours.

  21. Bob Says:

    Oh thank god i found some people with some sense. I bet if everyone who watched this and thought it was ‘AMAZING’ watched it again on a normal tv with no HD or anything of the sort and just focused on the story, they would loose alot of faith in humanity.

  22. ShepRamsey Says:

    @John – I have to say, I posted this review well over a month ago, and I’ve gotten a fair amount of response, but you’re shockingly the first detractor that I’ve had, so I absolutely welcome you with open arms into the conversation of which their hasn’t really been any just yet.

    To answer your first question, the movie I watched was Avatar.

    I’d be lying if I said I fully understood everything in your response. For instance, the sentence “My best guess is that you just decided to write a review that you had someone else watch for you which in turn you had them tell you about” made little sense to me, so for that I have no retort. But whatever you’re alleging, I don’t think it’s true.

    Let me just say, in my defense, that I didn’t simply “feel the need to trash the movie.” I just didn’t think it was very good (and I understand that many people disagree), and felt it relevant to put my alternate view of the film out there.

    You state that my recollection of the plot of the movie indicates that I might not have even actually seen it, but the only disparity you mention is the fact that the military types on Pandora were hired mercenaries and not actual military. Seems like a pretty minor detail to me to jump so far as to allege that I didn’t see the movie. I’ll admit to being a bit inaccurate with that classification, but to deny that they weren’t representative of the United States military–and that the film itself wasn’t a blatant anti-war parallel to the war in Iraq–is just plain false.

    Also, while you deny that this anti-war theme exists, you do acknowledge that there’s an anti-genocide theme. I agree. But my argument is that Cameron’s views on genocide come off as kind of childish when his good guys resort to the same glorified “kill everybody!” violence to fight their cause as the bad guys.

    At the end of the movie, the Na’vi weren’t defending themselves– they were ATTACKING, showing no remorse, complexity, or ounce of care for the sanctity of human life. To them, the military/mercenaries weren’t humans–they were all completely evil and deserved to die. Call me crazy, but I found it absolutely insulting to our soldiers, whether you agree with the war or not. This movie illustrates Cameron’s attitude towards American troops as being identical to those of the people who spat in the faces of soldiers returning home from Vietnam.

    To me, these simple-minded, ignorant, and insulting elements really killed whatever goodwill I might have had for the movie if I were one of the many, many people who admit that the story sucks but they enjoyed it regardless.

    Look, I’m sorry I didn’t like the movie, but I hardly think my opinion is worthy of a comment such as “Sometimes people’s own stupidity is they’re only demise such as yours,” which I have some grammatical issues with, but I more or less get what you’re saying and it doesn’t seem totally rational.

  23. ParryOtter Says:

    Well said, Shep.

    But you know, it’s clear that the only moral thing to do would be to kill all the greedy, ignorant “mercenaries” because after all, they’re hired by a “corporation” and we all know corporations are the root of evil.

    News Corp’s fine, though. Oh, and so is McDonalds.

    Grow up, Cameron.

  24. Brenton Says:

    I’ll keep it short and simple.

    Cameron should be banned from writing and directing.

    The only thing that barely redeems this movie is the hard work that the 3-d graphical designers put into it.

    And to think he has the arrogance to slap his name on it with so much pride.

    I want to draw and quarter him for his arrogance and ineptitude.

  25. Beth Says:

    When I first saw the animation I thought “that’s pretty crappy character designs”. If you want good animation, you watch the Final Fantasy movie years ago. That was great animation, even though the story was pretty meh.

  26. Saint Subversive Says:

    As you can see from most of these comments, you can rest easy as you are NOT alone in your dislike of this vastly overrated movie and it’s vastly overrated director. I had also expected to love it (or at the very least like it), especially since I am a big fan of Second Life and have several “avatars” there. I also have alot more fun there on any given day than I did sitting through this badly written pile of pretentious cinematic excrement. I wont be watching the Oscars, because I just cant handle another session of Cameron going “wooo hooo, Im on top of the world again!”, which was irritating enough a decade ago that it made many Academy members wish they could change their vote. What “Avatar” signals is the death of meaningful films, as every studio suit runs to create 3D cartoon fantasies for the junior high school set. Rest in peace, Cinema.

  27. katy Says:

    So sad… so sad to see a few people with such closed minds.

  28. yousif Says:

    so it’s not just me… cuz when i walked out of the movie with my friends i wuz the only one who though it wuz crap, every body else liked it and I have no idea why. and the stupidest part of the movie is when that scientist girl “dies’ and then they take to this place that i dont even know whats caled, and shes back to life!-no reaaaaaaaaaallly??? like what a freeekin cliche. that part musta beena joke. Like how convinient for them to just bring her back to life with a spell. like what is this digimon? why dont they just make spell to kill the white guys? hell why do they even have to fight? so retarded and I want my 15 bucks back. Visuals and creatures were pretty but 10 min of that wuz enough!!! not 3 hours. I knew what the ending of the movie is in the first 20 min!so freeeekin predictable.and now this dump is getting oscar nominations?? just pisses me off!

  29. Craig Says:

    Thank Christ! I was beginning to think I was the only one in the world who hated this pretentious, steaming pile of defacation. I honestly cannot believe that these Hollywood executives can not only “green light” scripts like this, but have the gall to throw 300 million bucks at the director to put it on film. If James Cameron would only allow a script supervisor to dictate the quality of his scripts instead of his own ego and bull-headed arrogance, he might actually be deserving of the title “A-list director”.
    And who was the brainiac that let him get away with naming this precious mineral “unobtainium”? Were they fair dinkum? It sounds like a name that Marvel Comics might have rejected before deciding on “adamantium”.

  30. Mkell Says:

    Great review. After everything I’d seen and heard about Avatar, I did a cost-benefit analysis and concluded that I was very likely to lose $20 and (more importantly) 3 hours of my life (not including travel, lines, and previews) rolling my eyes and wishing the people on screen would just shut up.

    I definitely do NOT fall into the camp of “great visuals make a great theater experience.” In my opinion, great visuals just highlight any blaring shortcomings the film may have, such as plot, writing, dialogue, acting… Star Wars prequels, anyone?

    I’m also glad to hear I’m not the only one who thought the “Special Edition” of The Abyss was just WAY to damn preachy and not a little silly. In the commentary on the Aliens director’s cut, at the very end, Cameron bemoaned the visuals and talked about how they paled in comparison to modern effects technology. I’m willing to bet that people will still be watching Aliens in 75 years (and Alien in 100!), whereas Avatar will be largely forgotten within 30.

  31. AnonPlus Says:

    If you want to watch an amazing film in 3D, go see Alice in Wonderland (Tim Burton). By far, it is one of the most enchanting and engaging films starting in 2010.

    James Cameron is an overrated Director. He thinks so highly of himself but produces such nonsense and closed minded exclusionary content.

    The inclusion of swearing in this film ruined the entire experience of this movie for me. Camerson while ‘trying to be cool’ removed all sense of innocence and wonder that this film could have better captured.

    Predictable story line, predictable ending.

  32. watch movies online free now no survey Says:

    Very good blog post I love your website carry on the great articles

  33. digitalcontradiction Says:

    How I summed up Avatar: Glorified version of cowboys and indians. I really wanted to like this movie, but the incessant, unneeded media hype jaded me a touch. As I watched it, I sat in the theater thinking, “This is worse than Transformers 2.”

    No real plot, static, void characters, and overextended in length ruined what could have been a better movie IMHO.

    I’m not surprised at why people “love” this movie to an obsessive point. People are blind sheep and are easily impressed with anything shallow, shiny, and pretty. Then again, when I watched “Titanic” (which I think was better than Avatar since it had little FX and real sets) and heard some people behind me mutter, “The ship sinks?!” I should have known the future of humanity is as doomed as the Titanic was on its voyage.

    Avatar and its rabid, fanatical followers prove that point again.

  34. Lost Generation Says:

    Finally! Thank you for an honest review. Avatar was no epic. Avatar was all show no go. Sheesh. Is it just me or all today’s movies being dumbed down for the masses. Why are people buying into this garbage. In this information age, is our society actually getting dumber?

    Hmm, can’t come up with a decent plot or story line. Option 1) Pump cgi, special effects, and the explosions! There no dialog required. Option 2) Rehash 80′s classics like Transformers, and GI Joe. Even the 80′s rehashes are not true to the source material. Hollywood you have officially destroyed my 80′s inner-child.

    Please Hollywood, please start making intelligent and CREATIVE movies again. The last dumb movie I have seen was Idiocracy. At least that movie had a plot, and our society seems to be heading that way.

  35. Criss Says:

    THANK YOU! My best friend is obsessed with this movie, as in she is learning the Navi language, photoshopping herself blue obsessed, and she preached to me exactly what you wrote. That the script was amazing and delivered well (gag) and the story was inspiring and true “EVERY1 SHUD CARE BOUT NATURE LOLZ” but as you pointed out, I’m pretty sure Cameron just stumbled into that one. She’s watched this movie countless times and literally cries every time the tree gets blasted down by the helicopters.
    I feel like this movie is appealing to the 4 year old in everyone who just wants to be shown pretty pictures and hear a story about the good guys killing the bad guys, and to that I say go watch Pocahontas, it is exactly the same as this overrated piece of eye candy.

  36. Screaming Blue Cheese Says:

    Having young children I could not watch this in the cinema. Sadly it has been released on DVD and I endured it the other day.

    What a loud of twaddle,James Cameron should be put out of our misery before he writes a sequel. I lost track of all the different films, books and comics this has stolen from and wonder how they got away with crediting a writer instead of just publishing a source list.

    Perhaps if a fair share of the profits from this rubbish went to the writers of all the stolen plot lines it would bankrupt those who wasted time creating this. Video piracy is not killing the movie industry it is committing suicide.

    Worst is the way people just accept this and allow this industry and others to tell us what we should believe.

  37. Ethan Says:

    I only disagree with “nobody learns a lesson.” Big deal! I don’t like the stereotypical Western-Movie type ending, where the cowboy says to the man in the black hat something that boils down to “change your ways or I’ll shoot you” or “leave here forever or I’ll shoot you.” Suddenly the evil villain in the black hat becomes some angelic saint who would become a martyr in the name for their perception of good. Other than that, you’re pretty much right about everything.

  38. Ethan Says:

    Jame’s Cameron’s success is based on the infinite monkeys theory. You get an infinite number of monkeys to write a movie of their own, and sooner or later one of them will write a movie that becomes a big hit.

  39. Anonymous Says:

    It’s nice to see an article that doesn’t praise the movie. Personally, I’ve never seen the movie, and from what you said, I don’t want to. You mentioned a few things in the movie I know I wouldn’t like. Antagonist demonization and an overly simple storyline. I also don’t like what you said about how the na’vi connect physically with everything. For a spiritual movie, it seems cheap to connect with creatures like that. Spiritual does not equal physical. Looks like some director needs a dictionary. I swear, it’s Twilight all over again! I wish this fad would die. Becase there’s two more movies after this one…well…anyone up for a an egopocalypse? You know what I mean by ego.

    Another agreement I have is that graphics do NOT make a movie. Acting and script does. This movie, from what you say, has neither. Graphics are overrated. I know old movies that are better than what you describe. You, yes you, the author of this article, are a brilliant person. I like how you don’t fall for graphics. There’s something else, though, I still should mention. It really sucks when you try to explain these things to people and they go “Oh, so what? They made money!” Know what else makes money? Drugs. I’d give anything to sp this article in Cameron’s egotistical face. Hey, isn’t reality SUPPOSED to slap people? If not, then it should.

    What’s worse is Project 880. The rumored “old script” of Avatar. If you look it up, yes, all of you who see this, it will make your blood boil. It was more original, more unique…but it was thrown out for the sake of time. It would have been a five-hour movie. The reason for this awful rewrite is that “most people wouldn’t sit down and watch a movie for five hours”. If this “famous director” has as much money as he says he does, then it could’ve been split into two or more movies. How simple is that?! It’s also pathetic. Here’s the link to the “lost story” if you feel like getting mad.

    To be honest, even my young cousin is mad about this. She used to like the movie “Titanic”, but when I told her this, her mind did a 180 and now she hates Cameron. Hilarious much? But really, a little kid knows this! A kid! I almost gave this movie, Avatar, a chance, but reading this tells me I can do much better things with my time. There are much better aliens than na’vi and much better worlds than Pandora. Check out deviantART. The artists there DO have better aliens and worlds. I remember when the most popular aliens among yound audiences were the irkens from Invader ZIM. Weren’t those some good days. Now we have kids who Photoshop/GIMP themselves into blue alien-cats. If I didn’t pity them so much, I’d probably laugh. They’re missing out on the better things in entertainment.

    I may be young, but I’m not dumb. I’m like you. I see things diferently than most. The hype over this movie is not deserved at all. I hope a good movie comes out soon and it takes away all of this movie’s fans. It actually frightens me that people my age fall for the stupidity of movies like these. The only thing this movie is good for is time-wasting. The “morals” are hypocritical from what you’re saying. My friend, sad to say, loves this movie. She likes nature and all, so of course, being a “green” movie, she likes it. I wish she’d read this. It’d open her eyes. At least she hates Twilight. It could be worse. I may tell her when she gets over this movie…possibly years from now.

    To everyone reading this: This is how NOT to make a sci-fi movie! This is how to brainwash nearly an entire nation into worshipping you. Remember, most people are attracted to shiny things!

    Joking aside…nevermind, that wasn’t a joke. Look at Edward Cullen. That thing (I refuse to call it a character) proves that people will go for looks and shiny objects before something meaningful. I saw the movie “How To Train Your Dragon” earlier this year. While being a kids’ movie, it had more of a story than what I’m reading about here. No “evil” antagonist”, no hypocritical mesages, no shiny graphics. It only had emotion, story, acting, script, and cartoon-like 3D animation. There were no “groundbreaking” special effects. It only really had a story. That’s it. People mostly, of course, liked the main dragon, Toothless. However, they also loved the story. Some fans of Avatar ctually liked this movie better. You know what this proves? That graphics do not make a movie. While the 3D effects were fun, in HTTYD, what got me was the story. I forgot about the effects for the most part. Like I said, I’m young, but i don’t care for graphics. I like story. I see movies and shows for their stories. Cameron can punch himself in the face for taking the meaning of “story” from people. Movies are supposed to be visual literature. Avatar is not that. No meaningful piece of literature fits the features of this movie that you described in this article. No, Twilight doesn’t count. It’s not literature either. Like Avatar, it will be forgotten. The only people who will preserve it will be the internet’s meme creators. The ones who live for pop-culture references.

    As a final word to end this rant/agreement I’ve typed:

    Cameron is not the “king of the world”. He’s an egotistical brat who’s addicted to shiny things, money, and plagiarism. The guy’s gone stupid, if not insane. Someone should put him in his place. This movie is not an epic. It’s an annoyance. This director’s winning streak is now broken. Now he just needs to be pushed off of that high moon of his. If any of you who commented are planning to direct one day, please do this if the plot-thief/brat/egomaniac hasn’t kicked the bucket by then.

  40. Roxie May Says:

    “You’d think a movie that boasts such a “we are the world” collective consciousness kind of idea wouldn’t create bad guys that are so simplistically evil and good guys that see fit to kill them all at the drop of a hat. You’d also think that a movie with such an obviously anti-war ideology wouldn’t be so proud to bask in the thrilling glorification of war-like violence.” The movie is very nice, love to watch it over and over again.

  41. lucia Says:

    Yep, basically everyone had seen this story before
    the only thing that tied me to this movie was the visuals. I appreciate the hard work of the people who did the special effects. I just wish those same visuals accompanied a much stronger and original script. That would have been amazing.
    You also hit a point that had been bothering me throughout the movie. That was really creepy when the tribe people controlled those animals through the “bond”. Lovers of nature huh? More disturbing than I thought.

  42. Rachel Says:

    Futuristic pocahontis minus the cute animals and catchy tunes. And the worst part was that it was so freaking long! It lacked seriousness and depth thus I feel the movie is not worthy of an explanation with both.

  43. Adrian tellea Says:

  44. Eurymone Says:

    I’m finally getting around to seeing Avatar as I type this. I am so disinterested that I went out to find a negative review of this film just to entertain myself. Thanks to you, at least I got a couple laughs out of this train wreck. Good to know I’m not alone.

  45. Tom Lundberg Says:

    Fuck you man you can’t make a better movie in your whole reviewing ass life.

  46. Tom Lundberg Says:

    Fuck you. Fuck you. It’s a GREAT movie. How the hell is it overrated? The plot is *spoilers* that a man called Jack Sully comes to Pandora in replacement for his brother Tom Sully. He is in the avatar program. So on his first mission as a Avatar he gets attacked and runs to a Forrest(can’t be fucked up with talking about this scene) he meets a girl blue monky lady she teaches him how to be a navi thing. Then a war starts for unobtanium, and he betrays the RDA(humans) then he fights and wins. So what if I dident include some stuff. I mean really anybody watch and like some of the movies I’m gonna list? Those movies are The terminater, Aliens,titanic, and many more. All made by the same guy. So I think James Cameron the guy who made the movie and the movies listed, so he sure as hell knows his badass movie shit better than you the gay overrated reviwer who got a job that really does nothing but piss people off. YEAH I SAID IT BITCH!!!!!!!:D

  47. Dave Says:

    I read this review several months ago and found it to be exellent.
    The exact opposite could be said about this film.

    I was originally planning on avoiding this film at all costs because of the fanbase that would tear you apart if you so much as critisized it like it was their spouse or child. But some friends of mine said at least give it a try….I tapped out of the film I say about an hour and fifty in.

    My motto is “If you’re going to stick me in a theater for three hours, the story had better be damn good” The story wasn’t. Period. It delibratly STOLE from several movies. The only two I can confirm are Pocahontas and Fearngully. What I mean is; in Pocahontas, John Smith is sent to learn about the natives and even falls for Pocahontas and even befriends some of them, the difference is that unlike Jake who was willing to kill all the humans, John tries to make peace between the two.

    In Fearngully, the boy (his name escapes me I apologize) gets shrunk and befriends all of the fairies and eventually joins them to stop the men trying to bulldoze the forrest.

    I DARE you to tell me I am wrong about those two stories that were stollen and put in this film.

    I could go on, but everything you said shep is spot on.

    I can only dream of the day that people stop defending Avatar like it was their own creation, and respect others damn opionions.

  48. Against The Herd Says:

    Tom Lunderg is either a child, mentally retarded, or a mentally retarded child. One of the worst movies I’ve ever seen. Poor dialogue, bad acting, and a terribly and predictable plot. I knew how it would end about a third the way into the film. The blind masses are drinking the industrie’s kool-aid once again. Unfortunately, I believe the same thing is happening to the film industry as has already happened to video games, music, and sports. That is, the industry produces crap and gets the masses to like it through heavy marketing. Movies are now focusing on visuals to reel in the fish while skimping out on everything that makes a good movie, good. Just look at transformers movies or the star wars prequels, all flash no bang.

  49. kevin Says:

    Quick note, the material they were looking for was unattainable, I mean unatanium. My sister n’ law’s opinion of that is “I’ve got 3d blue people I don’t even need to try.” And try he didn’t on any part of the script.

  50. hg Says:

    fuck you fuck you everyone here is a complete arsehole

    all they say is ohh the story is bad well how about you come up with a better one you pieces of shit?

    everyone who commented here is a ignorant piece of shit

    just because your to retarded to understand why the movies good doesnt mean it sucks

    you cannot tell a bad movie your an ignorant twat everyone on this thread is stupid exept for a few

    you dont even give good reasons of why it sucked your just stupid close minded freaks





    WANANA CRITOCISE ITyou fuck tards??

    go make a better movie yourselfs

    everyone here is a complete diiot and this review is stupid you all need to shoot yourselfs in the head

  51. max Says:

    I simply think that anyone need a movie to wake up and to know that we should care the forest the trees and the nature, is simply already an idiot.

  52. sam Says:

    hg, I don’t think telling someone to go make a better movie is a good insult. We could all probably come up with a better story but sadly we don’t have enough money and we aren’t famous directors.

  53. Angelos Fernandes Says:

    Why do you need Avatars if you can just bomb the shit up into shreds? What? they can get into the moon but they can’t scan through some thick timber called Hometree?

    This movie is certainly insulting United States of America for their defeat in the Nam war. Don’t be mad Americans ’cause this is the fact: the Americans lost the war as they underestimate the Nams and they didn’t make a complete research. They drop a bomb that will kill thousands but manage to deliver zero life to Azrael. So, that’s another basic plot: Human got big. Human landed on the moon and human met some blue cunts before they declare war for something called Un-obtain-nium.. and all of a sudden, comes Avatar…

    So, that means — the human race didn’t launch a probe to dig some research on Pandora. The superbly-designed shuttles just land there. They might try it as the new Alcatraz but they realize it’s not Alcatraz 2 because the air is unbreathable… oh, “might” is the major downfall in most movies…

    You can compare the Vietnam war to Avatar. Oh, by the way, I can only see gunships, walking machines and gunships and walking machines… do they run in ordinary gasoline? If yeah, hey Cameron, I wanna buy one. And where the hell are the fighter jets? the human race landed on the “serious mudball” without some fast air vehicle? HA HA HA…

  54. Mark Says:

    I to was shocked at how many ppl loved this piece of shit.

    I always tell them to watch District 9 instead.

  55. NOVAZ3N Says:

    It was ok I guess, but yea it was completely overrated and it wasn’t nearly as good as they made it out to be.

  56. Henry Says:

    The biggest irony of Avatar, that the film get’s lots of nerd criticism lately and mainly for the story.. as it too shallow, predictable, simplistic, rip-off, full of cliches and so on.

    Despite your personal opinion and dislike, hopefully you can admit the very simple fact, that the movie not only has earned widespread critical success and became the highest-grossing film so far.. But most importantly it has provoked vigorous discussion of a wide variety of cultural, social, political, and religious themes identified by critics and commentators.

    These discussion has centered around such themes as the conflict between modern man and nature, and the film’s treatment of imperialism, racism, militarism and patriotism, corporate greed, property rights, and spirituality and religion.

    But it keeps surprising me, that so many people cannot comprehend this in such a simple, classical story line.

    As right-wing critics who keep accusing Cameron of pushing an “anti-American” message in the film’s depiction of a private military contractor that used ex-Marines to attack the natives.

    It is so narrow-minded that it’s actually sad..

  57. vinay Says:

    Awesome Review!!!!!!!!!!Totally agree with you.I didnt get why so many people like this movie just bcoz of visual effects. No good story just totally crap.I think Avengers, The Dark Night Rises And Matrix were far better than this…….

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