Who’s scared of JigSaw when you’ve got FRIGGIN’ DEMONS IN YOUR HOUSE?!?

Posted on 26 October 2009 by Quaid

It’s finally happened.  I’ve been proven right about these Saw films and why people see them.

ParanormalActivityFor those of you not in the loop, the $11,000 horror extravaganza Paranormal Activity kicked Saw VI’s ass at the box-office this weekend pulling in over $22 million to the hackneyed franchise’s $14 million.

Thank Christ that someone finally had the testicular fortitude to stand up to these shitty movies and prove that they’re little more than over-inflated box-office draws based on being released with no competition at a time of year where audiences are desperate for horror.

For the past, what, four years, the Saw movies have had the Halloween time-frame locked up, scaring away ALL other horror from the coveted release date.  Hell, even Halloween and Halloween II were released in August because the Weinsteins were afraid of JigSaw.

Now, though, we’re seeing the house of cards fall.  Nobody went to see Saw V last year because they wanted to.  Instead, movie-goers went because they were desperate for a scary movie in the month of October, and Saw V was the only movie providing the (lackluster) goods.

I’m so happy that a good horror movie has destroyed the evil torture-porn giant, and I don’t think I’m alone.  Funny or Die seems to agree, and they have summed up all true horror fans’ feelings in this wonderful, life-affirming video…


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