Haggis’ The Next Three Days snags RZA and Dennehy

Posted on 24 September 2009 by HansKlopek

This new Paul Haggis film is starting to look better by the minute as the cast keeps getting richer and richer. We now have Brian Dennehy and Wu Tang master himself, RZA, to add to the fray.

rza_articleAccording to the Hollywood Reporter, Haggis’ project is a remake of Fred Cavaye’s 2008 French film in which a woman is jailed in a foreign country and her husband must do everything to get her out. Russell Crowe and Elizabeth Banks are slated to play the couple and Dennehy will play Crowe’s father. RZA’s role is still unknown.

You really have to give it up for Paul Haggis. I’ve gone cold on Crash over the years, but I still think it is a solid flick. The same goes for In the Valley of Elah. This next one looks interesting as hell and it’s good to see him generating an impressive cast for it. I think we’re seeing a very nice career emerge.                           

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