Diablo Cody is at the helm of Sweet Valley High

Posted on 23 September 2009 by ShepRamsey

You know how a lot of actors will win an Oscar and proceed to do a whole lot of crap afterwards?  I think the same thing is happening to Diablo Cody. 

diablo-cody1The Oscar-winning writer of Juno just keeps spiraling down the descent of low-brow trash.  According to Variety, she’s been picked to write and produce an adaptation of the Sweet Valley High series of children’s/young adult books.  Sounds like someone might be brewing up their own Twilight sort of cash cow.

I really should stop judging, though, because between this and the Stephanie Myer thing from earlier today, I’m beginning to sound like a misogynist or something.  If Ms. Cody wrote a movie that meant a great deal to her (Juno) and won her Oscar and then proceded to write a bunch of stuff that she genuinely enjoys writing, then who am I to judge?  She’s living the American dream, right? 

Or is she just a hack?  I don’t know.  I didn’t like Juno enough to care.

But good for her for getting a project that ought to be fairly high-profile just after Jennifer’s Body kind of bombed at the box office.  Way to bounce back.                           

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