Another project for Ridley Scott…about VAMPIRES!

Posted on 17 September 2009 by Quaid

The man is going insane.  I still want to know what’s happening to the Monopoly movie, but now it looks like Ridley “Alien” Scott is set to direct a movie about the trendiest of trendy topics, vampires.

NosferatuThose of you hoping for a taught, old-school horror flick of the supernatural variety, though, should be prepared to be disappointed.  This is 2009, so that means Vampires need to be explained and scientific and super zombie-like bloodthirsty!

The movie, which will be written by John Logan (one of the writers on Gladiator), is based on an as-yet-unpublished novel by Jordan Ainsley entitled “The Passage.”  It follows the discovery that a certain type of bat bite can cure terminally ill patients in South America.  The government jumps on the “miracle cure” bandwagon and begins experimenting on death row inmates.

Bad idea.  Hilarity ensues.

Once again, I have to say: I’ll be surprised if this one happens.  Ridley is racking up more projects than Stephen Spielberg these days, and something’s got to give.                           

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