Start your day off on a downer with five clips from The Road

Posted on 04 September 2009 by ShepRamsey

Yesterday, I posted a couple of posters and an early review for The Road.  Now, more reviews have surfaced, along with these five clips, as well. 

I haven’t watched the clips and I don’t think I will.  I’ve decided that I’m done with all internet clips.  They’re always extremely uneventful and frustratingly out-of-context, and a couple of times in my life they’ve served to (unjustifiably, I might add) lower my expectations. 

For this movie, long-awaited by myself for not only being an adaptation of a book I loved, but also for being the second film by a filmmaker whose first film I loved, I think I’m going to keep myself as pure as possible.  It’s the same reason I didn’t want to go to Avatar Day.

But that doesn’t mean that you can’t watch ‘em.  And in the meantime, check out a couple more reviews for the movie.  Here’s a very positive one from The Guardian, another positive one from The Hollywood Reporter, and another positive one from ScreenDaily, and finally a sadly negative one from Variety.  They all seem to be using the word, “bleak.”


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  1. ParryOtter Says:

    Ooooo, thanks. I watched the first and third to avoid seeing any big reveals (like the last clip). They were very good; kept the tone of the book beautifully!

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