Watch a fantastic Fantastic Mr. Fox featurette

Posted on 02 September 2009 by ShepRamsey

I wanted to see Wes Anderson’s Fantastic Mr. Fox after the trailer came out, but now I really, really want to see it, thanks to this new featurette. 

Narrated by Jason Schwartzman, it’s a quick two-and-a-half-minute look at the process of stop-motion animation, with just a sprinkle of the voice work done by George Clooney and the rest of the cast. 

It doens’t exactly tell us anything most people don’t already know about stop-motion, but it’s nevertheless always fascinating, and is complete with many great little snippets from the film. 

It’s looking like this will be one of the most enjoyable movies of the year!  Give it a watch right below.


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  1. ParryOtter Says:

    God, that looks SO DAMN GOOD.

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