Tickets available for New Moon: I guess the waiting game is no longer fun

Posted on 02 September 2009 by HansKlopek

To all of you Twilight freaks who frequent our site (which, considering our disdain for the series, is miraculous): you won’t have to wait until New Moon’s November release to feel the burning sensation of a midnight ticket in your hands. Some theater chains are already beginning to sell tickets to the film.

New Moon imageCarmike Cinemas is offering tickets to midnight November 19th showings of New Moon through Fandango. Carmike, a small exhibitor who operates 247 theaters in midsize markets nationwide will be showing New Moon in 63 theaters around the country. The move comes a full two months before the movie’s release and follows on the heels of a similar announcement for James Cameron’s Avatar.

This development is interesting for a couple of different reasons: one, it is insane how, over the span of less than a year, the cultural phenomenon that Twilight has become. I can remember some anticipation leading up to the first film, but I mainly just considered it to be a November blockbuster stand-in for the 6th Harry Potter film which seemed to have its release date bumped about twenty times (wound up being pretty good though). Due to the dearth of significant competition in the market, Twilight pretty much kicked total ass and created insane anticipation for a sequel. Now it is the most talked about thing in the film press. Advanced tickets are already on sale for it. They’ll probably screen the first five minutes of it at some point in October. WTF? When did this movie become Spiderman 3 (so bad)?

It is also interesting because the waiting game seems no longer quite as much fun for studios to play. It seems to be more fun to wet the beak of fangirls and fanboys of the world on five or six minutes of footage, promotional material, a badass trailer, before the movie comes out. Hey, this is movie marketing and I understand its value, but it also takes a lot of the fun out of waiting for the movie to come out. It is still commonplace for films to have teaser trailers come out like a full year before you actually see them. Sometimes, in the case of The Dark Knight, you would get a few minutes of footage. I can remember in the case of Back to the Future, Part III and Matrix Revolutions, you would see the trailer for the third film at the end of the preceding installment, since they had shot both films back to back. All of this created a kind of giddy enthusiasm on the part of the audience member. When the film finally arrived, you had waited so long that you kind of couldn’t believe you were actually seeing it.

I feel like a lot of these pre-screening moves like putting tickets on sale early and then actually showing footage takes some of the fun out of waiting. Great from a marketing standpoint, but bad in the mind of this fanboy.                           

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