The Weinsteins learn their lesson: Halloween 3D on the way…but no Rob Zombie?

Posted on 31 August 2009 by ShepRamsey

Let me just apologize up front.  I feel like the first twelve front-page articles right now are all about Halloween in some capacity.  But shit just keeps happening! 

And after the box office disappointment that Halloween II had, it looks like the Weinsteins, Harvey and Bob, are taking a lesson from the movie that won big, The Final Destination

A big factor in The Final Destination‘s success was the fact that it was in 3-D.  Theaters that had the caphl2ability to show the film in 3-D wound up making 3.25 times as much money off the film than theaters that didn’t.  3-D creates not only a fun gimmick to get asses in seats, but it also makes ticket prices a tad bit higher, as well.

According to the LA Times, in response to these pulls, Bob Weinstein, co-chairman of Halloween distributor The Weinstein Company, announced that Halloween 3D will be coming upon us next summer. 

Rob Zombie, as he’s previously stated, won’t be back, however, but Bob says that their in negotiations with a new director who has horror experience and a “different take” on the flick.

Which sounds to me like they’re trying to conjure up a reimagining of Rob Zombie’s reimagining.  And if Harold Ramis’s Multiplicity taught us anything, it’s that if you make a copy of a copy, it may not turn out quite so wonderful.  It may wind up being a pile of utter gibberish, constantly referring to Michael Myers as “Steve.” 

This entire franchise seems to have been put through the ringer time and time again.  Looking back, there were the first two original films, which were then followed by a movie that had nothing to do with Michael Myers at all in an attempt to rebrand the franchise.  When that didn’t work, Halloween 4 brought Michael back, but created the Jamie Lloyd storyline which went through part 6.  Then part seven, Halloween H20, brought back Laurie Strode from the original films, and part eight killed her off and created something wholly awful out of everything.

And then we got the Rob Zombie version of the original story, followed by his sequel, and now–and especially in light of the strange ending of the new film–it looks like they’re going to try and reinvent the wheel all over again.  Only this time, they’ll be throwing shit at your face.  I guess I’m intrigued?                           

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  1. Rachel Says:

    I’m not. When will this madness end???

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