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Posted on 31 August 2009 by Quaid

Quaid here.  Sorry for the duplicate news stories, but when I heard about the planned sequel to Bad Boys, I just had to throw in my two cents.  Because this just seems wildly unlikely to happen.

BadBoysIconI’m convinced that Michael Bay has found his cash cow with the Giant Transforming Robot movies and will never let go. Why would he? The man is a paycheck director if there ever was one, and he’s found the Holy Grail of mindless cinema.

I expect a few more Transformers films from the man, but news broke today that he also might be drudging up another old franchise and making another unnecessary sequel.

Of course I’m talking about Bad Boys 3. The second movie made over $200 million, so it’s not a huge shock that Columbia wants to reunite Will Smith and Martin Lawrence one more time. At a budget of just over $100 million, though, Bad Boys 2 was Bay’s equivalent of a low-budget passion project, so you have to wonder whether the studio will be game for throwing insane amounts of money at the director and stars this time around.  If they do, this one has every opportunity to lose money.  If they don’t, I doubt this will ever see the light of day.

But I’m sure Bay will hold out for the best possible deal. For a man who has admitted that it’s all about the cash and box-office and not the quality of the film, anything less would be a betrayal of his fucked-up “moral fiber.”

Of course, this is all speculation on my part.

Peter Craig has been tapped to write the script. It will then be shown to the stars and director who will demand too much money, causing the project to fall through.  Michael will add transforming robots and Megan Fox to the mix which will free up another $150 million in budget, and the movie will get made immediately.

Damn, I need to stop with this speculation stuff, huh?                           

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