Box Office Brief: The Final Destination wins the battle of the slasher sequels

Posted on 30 August 2009 by ShepRamsey

Well, Rob Zombie had a bit of a disappointment this weekend, losing out the opening weekend crown to the weekend’s other slasher movie sequel, The Final Destination, which came in at number one. 

The fourth entry in the series where the killer is none other than the very concfinal_destination_4ept of death had an impressive opening weekend, pulling in $28.3 million.  A lot of this may have been helped out by the fact that the film is playing in 3-D in many theaters, which calls for higher ticket prices. 

Coming in second was Quentin Tarantino’s Ingourious Basterds, which pulled in an impressive $20 million in its second week.  The film came in first last week, but I sort of expected general audience attendance to drop off when word-of-mouth spread not only about how long the film was, but how much of it was subtitled as well.  Apparently, however, Americans will show up for a good damn movie every once in while, subtitles or no.  It’s total take thus far is $73.8 million and it looks like it will certainly cross the $100 million threshold.

And at a sad third-place showing was Rob Zombie’s Halloween II.  The movie made $17.4 million, which is close to 50% less than the opening weekend for the first film in 2007.  Apparently people just weren’t feeling this one, which, after seeing it, I can kinda understand, but there’s just no way it’s worse than The Final Destination

Fourth place was taken by District 9, which seems to be enjoying some excellent and much-deserved staying power.  It made $10.7 million over the weekend, which brings its total up to $90.8 million, tripling its reported $30 million budget. 

In fifth place was G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra, with $8 million, and sixth went to the light but enjoyable Julie & Julia, which brought in $7.4 million.  Coming in at seven was the very fun romantic sci-fi drama The Time Traveler’s Wife with $6.75 million, eight was Robert Rodriguez’s obnoxious-looking Shorts, with $4.87 million, and debuting at number nine was Ang Lee’s Taking Woodstock, with $3.75 million.

And finally, coming in at number ten was that gerbil movie, G-Force, which made $2.85 million, taking its grand total thus far to $112 million.                           

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  1. Quaid Says:

    This one is an honest surprise to me. Rob Zombie has killed Michael Myers. And Shep…Halloween II was pretty damn bad. I know you love Zombie for his craziness and his off-the-wall visuals, but the story and plot and characters were a mess, and even the cool visuals totally didn’t jive with anything Zombie was doing with Michael and the rest of the film.

  2. Bess Pundt Says:

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