Soul Train‘s next stop: the big screen

Posted on 26 August 2009 by ShepRamsey

Apparently the dance movie craze is really taking off.  I’ve never seen a single one of them, myself, but I guess somebody is because now TV’s Soul Train is somehow making a leap to the silver screen. 

soul_trainThat’s right, folks, the variety show which originated in the 70′s and, to my knowledge, was pretty much just a bunch of dancing, is going to be supplied with a big-timey script, written by Malcolm Spellman (Dead Presidents). 

I’m not sure what the difference would be between making this movie and making Save the Last Dance 12, but I guess Warner Bros. knows something I don’t. 

The movie will be taking place in the 1980′s and will center around a kid from an L.A. hood and his aspirations to dance around like his fucking pants are on fire.                           

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