Gillian Anderson all for X-Files 3, Quaid all for Gillian Anderson.

Posted on 24 August 2009 by Quaid

I’ve recently discovered the X-Files. No, I have not been living under a rock for the last fifteen years; I knew of the show. But other than catching the odd episode and checking out the first movie in theaters, I never paid Duchovny’s epic series any mind.

X-Files1But recently, a friend of mine lent me season one on DVD. I am now almost finished with season two, and I love it. No other series in the history of man can swing back and forth between uber-serious “aliens among us” plot lines and super-goofy “sewer men” stand-alone episodes.

Every shocking revelation makes me laugh…and then I remember that the duo have already proven the existence of God, an afterlife, aliens, the Jersey Devil, Satan, extreme genetic mutation caused by radioactivity, and vampires.

So, Mulder and Scully, why do you keep acting surprised?

Then again I was watching one of the epic two-parters last night in which a key character unveils a massive cloning/alien colonization plot without a single stitch of proof. She then says to Mulder, “I know this must seem incredible.”

Mulder’s response? He shrugs his shoulders and says “You know, the thing is, it doesn’t.”

The series went for nine seasons and has spawned two movies…and the die-hard fans still want more.

Dnevnik recently talked with Anderson about the state of a third X-Files film, and the actress seemed stoked at the prospect.

“Of course I would accept to play in a new X-Files movie.”

She then goes on to say that a new installment is gearing up to shoot in 2012.

I kind of liked the idea of doing a bunch of X-Files movies as stand-alones, maybe with a loosely connected plot.  Sometimes the series worked best when it kept itself simple.  Unfortunately, the recent I Want to Believe stuck to that idea and failed to motivate audiences.  

Fingers crossed we can get a few more good X-Files adventures.  I’d still shell out ten bucks for the experience.


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