Can you make a Hendrix biopic without any music rights?

Posted on 20 August 2009 by Quaid

Quaid here with some rare (for today) non-Avatar non-Wolfman news.

HendrixVariety reports that Legendary pictures is putting together a biopic on rock god Jimi Hendrix.  There’s only one small snag: they don’t own the rights to the story, music, or man.

Other Hendrix projects in the past have run into problems on the legal front.  The rights to Jimi’s life and music are held by “Experience Hendrix,” a group run by Jimi’s stepsister.

Regardless, plans are moving forward with Max Borenstein writing a script.  For some reason, though, I won’t count this one as “real” until I hear that the potential legal pitfalls have been ironed out.

As for the idea of a Hendrix biopic?  I have no strong feelings.  I know the man’s music to some extent but not too much about his life.  Let’s hope this one can rise above the general level of music biopics by finding a new take on the genre.                           

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