Is Laurie Strode pulling a Jamie Lloyd? New Halloween 2 Pic!

Posted on 17 August 2009 by Quaid

If it was ever said that Rob Zombie wasn’t making the Halloween franchise his own, let it be said no more.

With this new picture from Halloween 2, the metal rocker proves that he’s most likely urinating on all that is Halloween by pulling a Friday the 13th style copycat killing.

Sure, Halloween 4 toyed with the idea of passing Michael’s madness to Jamie, but by part five the producers realized that it was a terrible idea, and the “psychic connection” plotline was introduced.

In Friday the 13th, Tommy Jarvis was briefly considered the one most likely to take up the Jason mantle. They, too, realized it was a bad idea.

Could Rob Zombie have failed where so many others succeeded? Does Michael’s insanity “infect” his niece?

Or it could just be a dream sequence. ¬†Or maybe Laurie tricks Michael into thinking she’s a young version of the serial killer like Tommy Jarvis did in Friday the 13th Part 4!!!!!

If so…LAME! Judge for yourself.


Click on over to IGN for a bigger version.


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