Close Encounters of The Fourth Kind: Here’s a trailer.

Posted on 14 August 2009 by Quaid

No, Milla Jovovich isn’t making a sequel to Steven Spielberg’s hit sci-fi movie. Instead, it’s a based-on-a-true story alien abduction flick of a much more sinister nature.

The Fourth Kind will mix case-study footage and actor re-creation in an attempt to scare the bejesus out of an unsuspecting audience with its plausible alien abduction plot.

Here’s hoping the movie doesn’t go too far and break the cardinal rule of down-to-earth thrillers by making the drama too dramatic and the action too unbelievable.

Check out the trailer below.


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  1. tyler Says:

    Holy fucking shit! why has this trailer not been commented on. I am someone who loves to be scared, unfortunatly it rarely happens, other than one time that comes to mind. I just love the feeling. Also unfortunate is that a movie has Never done it or even come close, but this trailer gives me chills! I cannot wait to see this.

  2. Larry Phillips Says:

    Got to see this movie. Whitley Strieber in his book Communion, describes
    the same kind of events. He even talked about the owl. In 1998 at 11:25 pm
    I saw 3 boomerang shape craft in the sky while living in the state of
    Iowa. That was enough to put crap in my pants. I will see this movie when
    it comes out.

  3. Amanda James Says:

    I saw this trailer for the first time last night and it scared the Hell out of me! Just the trailer!!! I am one of those huge scary movie buffs that classifies a scary movie by how many nights it ruins my sleep. I cannot wait for this movie to come out! I just hope it’s not like A Haunting in Connecticut where the only scary parts were in the preview.

  4. Bill Smith Says:

    I’ve had that dream where your in your room hovering over your bed and you hear things running around below you that you can’t see. I can’t wait to see this movie!

  5. John H. Says:

    They ARE real! REAL ! ! ! I watched a 100ft. diameter, white-hot sphere JUMP all over the sky, at 1AM, in Feb.’92, from my snowcat, for a couple minutes, at a ski resort near Tahoe. It scared HELL out of me, and changed my perception of reality forever! It was a dark, clear night. This thing came from the east, making jumps of two or three miles in an instant. Finally, it hovered about a mile above me for a half-minute, then shot straight up like a bullet. I could see it streak up for a minute, until it disappeared into the stars. I SWEAR to you, this is TRUE.
    I waited another fifteen years before I saw another UFO… I ran snowcats, at the top of the Sierras, from midnite til morning, for fifteen years, and didnt see another one until 2007. From April til November, myself and my family and friends saw dozens of really bizarre UFOs, all summer, three or four a night, which would stay for hours, hovering and darting around over the local peaks, only a couple miles from our house. It was possible to drive to the other side of them and see them from different angles. Their flight characteristics were TOTALLY impossible for our current known technology. Then, we had only a couple dozen events, from then until now. Don’t know why they were here, or why they left. Bizarre.
    THEY ARE REAL. I swear to you, they are real.
    John H.

  6. marv kantor Says:

    they are here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!mufon member!art bell where are you when we need you!

  7. Jean Says:

    where is the proof?

  8. Nick Says:

    Hahaha, I’d be scared if I wasn’t laughing to hard.

  9. LIZ Says:

    omg I just watched the movie today and LOVED IT!!! completely worth it! It will make you jump!!!! I used to have sleep paralysis (look it up on wikipedia or anywhere for that matter) and wonder if part of that is some sort of ufo related thing. If you’ve experienced sleep paralysis that is the scariest thing in the world, also I once was able to move something with my mind (Telekinesis) when I was a little girl and THAT changed me forever, I wasn’t trying to move on object with my mind at all it just happened, I always say you don’t choose what to believe in it chooses you and that’s why I believe in the paranormal ’cause I’ve experienced it! Watch the movie! It’s happening everywhere! We just have no recollection of it, another movie I HIGHLY recommend if you like The Fourth Kind, go rent DARK CITY!

  10. Chrystal Says:


  11. jamie Says:

    has anyone seen a floating bright little blue orb with the size of 2 millimeters diameter? Just curious

  12. jamie Says:

    i saw one in my bedroom 3 years ago during an afternoon. It took off after it saw me.

  13. jamie Says:

    I’ve also had the dream when I’m hovering over my bed and I can’t turn my head to see what the people below me are doing. I swore it wasn’t a dream. But I’m not sure. I sometimes hear them when I’m paralyzed in my bed talking in the next room in a weird language sounding like cambodian or something. Anyone with similiars experience?

  14. AerialNorthernHemisphere Says:

    Become/Remain Open Minded & Remain/Become Healthy! Explore all plausible leads given theirs a good chance something may be true seeing as how you or anybody else seemingly does not know, however don’t push any one issue too much to the point where it has becomes unreasonable!

  15. Mike Says:

    Of course it’s real. UFO’s and their occupants have been visiting earth for thousdands if not millions of years. I’m not convinced of this, I KNOW this to be true.

  16. ben Says:

    ok, i can honestly say that movie was aight 4real.. and i do believe n that kinda stuff cuz i saw alil sumn in the sky 1 night myself.. a bright light not too far out n the sky that was zippin by pretty quik, then it paused in 1 spot, n then zipped off again n disappeared n the sky. BUT.. as far as the movie that was so called “actual recordings” n all that..hate ta break it to ya’ll, but its a dud. a fake. google the name “Charlotte Milchard”… recognize her?? thats “Dr. Abigail Tyler”. charlotte is a british actor. so that was upsetting considering the movie repeatedly said “actual footage” or “actual voice recording”. they really fooled me for a minute, i cannot lie. a pretty good film though all around.

  17. water Says:

    They are real. In 2003 me, my girlfriend, and my best friend saw a ufo about 1ft x 1ft x 1ft (1 cubic foot) come down out of the sky. It looked like a Packman from the old video game. It had a black body, and two spherical binocular headlights staring at us like eyes. it moved towards us like it was floating on water. It dropped so low, at one point it was coming towards us just 3-4 feet off the ground!! It got about 50ft from us and then went up into the sky, it was domed over in the front, and flat on the back, the bottom was flat and we saw a blue grid underneath it, it flew up and met with 2 other little Packmen objects, and they moved together in the shape of a triangle over the horizon.

  18. E=mc2 Says:

    yes we are here

  19. E=mc2 Says:

    your seed was planted

  20. Demetrious Says:

    I am going to see the movie tonight. I agree from what I have read here they are real. I’ve been a pilot for 20 yrs. I’ve seen a craft that was Unidentified, silent, and unbelievalbe. Also the sleep paralysis thing happened to me twice and both times I layed as I stared at 2 grey beings at the foot of my bed, they disapated and I awoke. It has changed my life.

  21. Owen Giles Says:

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