Futuristic Robin Hood on the way. Fight the future, men in tights!

Posted on 07 August 2009 by Quaid

I am so excited for this. Every time I watch any version of “Robin Hood,” I think to myself, “Wouldn’t it be great if Robin had an automatic weapon and sunglasses?”

RobinHoodFlynnDreams do come true. Risky business Blog is reporting that Atlas Entertainment, the producers of 300 and The Dark Knight, are putting together a futuristic take on the altruistic hero of Noddingham.  The movie will be based on a pitch by Nicolai Fuglsig who will also direct the film, and Spread writer Jason Hall will write the screenplay.

We don’t know many plot details, but the movie will take place in a dystopian London where a band of thieves restore the hope of the populace.

I looked up Fuglsig on IMDB, and the man hasn’t done…well…anything, it seems.  He’s a commercial director and photojournalist known for the scale of his 30-second opuses, and it’s apparently his “visual conception” of the project that sold the producers on making the film.

I’m always open to a visual director taking a step into feature-length storytelling and knocking it out of the park.  I always want a feast for the eyes that takes seemingly different styles, genres and influences and spins them into something amazing, but the whole “remake a classic in the future” gimmick does get old pretty quickly.  I just hope Robin still has a little feather in his pointy cap.

It’s true; the idea, at first, sounds super-dumb.  But who knows…it could be cool, right?  RIGHT?                           

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  1. Fresh Says:

    You shouldn’t say that the director hasnt done anything. He was nominated for an Emmy and won many other major film awards.
    Sorry but get your facts straight

  2. jh Says:

    you are a hero robin hood is the man helps us when he can gives to those in great need fightin norman
    greed robin hood we need you now robin hooo we need you now. i will not give up nw or ever never

  3. Tiffany Colborn Says:

    Nice website, I envy it, but it looks a little weird when using opera browser, keep it moving:)

  4. stella Says:

    Robin Hood is hot

  5. free inception movie Says:

    inception will be a blockbutster.

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