See John C. Reilly in The Vampire’s Assistant Trailer!

Posted on 05 August 2009 by Quaid

It’s about time the vampire film genre got a little good-natured ribbing, and while The Vampire’s Assistant looks to be a little more subtle than a Scary Movie spoof, it seems the film will have a lot of fun with the genre.

I especially like the idea of someone making the educated decision to become a vampire as well as the overt exploration of the comic-book-power elements of the creature. Plus it’s John C. Reilley as a blood sucker, so what’s not to love.

Check out the trailer from Moviefone below.




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  1. JohnnyK Says:

    Not sure how I feel about that. I love John C Reilly, but it’s usually not a good sign for a comedy if I don’t laugh at anything in the trailer.

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