Hey! Ridley Scott IS directing the Alien prequel!!!

Posted on 31 July 2009 by ShepRamsey

Good damn news today, as Variety reports that Ridley Scott, director of the first film of the terrific Alien sci-fi franchise, will be the one to resurrect it by directing the upcoming prequel! 

Originally it was reported that the prequel would be directed by aliencommercial director (and possible future son-in-law of Scott) Carl Rinsch, and that Ridley and his brother Tony Scott would be producing the flick. 

Then it came out that 20th Century Fox would rather Ridley direct the movie, but he and Tony were sticking to their guns that this would be dear ol’ Carl’s movie.  (A rare case of the studio wanting to do something that would actually make the movie better.)

And now it’s happened!  Ridley Scott will be directing the Alien prequel, and thus giving us a movie that we will actually be able to consider a part of the Alien franchise (unlike those dreadful Alien vs. Predator movies). 

This is awesome, awesome, awesome news!!  To add to it, the studio has now hired a screenwriter as well.  Jon Spaihts will be writing the flick based on his studio pitch (which apparently went well for him).  He doesn’t have anything to his credit as of yet, but just having Ridley directing the movie is enough to get me optimistic!

So, in closing, yay.  Yay for this news!  This is splendid!                           

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