Sony will make an inFAMOUS film!

Posted on 30 July 2009 by Quaid

Sony Pictures has gobbled up a pitch from Sheldon Turner to adapt the popular video game “inFAMOUS” into a feature film.

inFAMOUSSony is working out getting the rights to the game, which shouldn’t be too difficult as it was released by Sony Computer Entertainment.  

The property has made the game-to-film transition fairly quickly, having been released for the PS3 just this past May.  It follows a character named Cole MacGrath, a biker who survives an explosion and gains electricity-derived super powers in the process.  As a player, you can use these newfound powers for either good or evil depending on your level of pent-up hostility.

Sony is throwing money at this one.  The trades report that Turner signed a seven-figure deal to write the script, and negotiating the rights to the game will probably be costly, too (though the money will be paid from Sony to Sony).  I hope their confidence is based on a solid story idea and not just a slew of special effects with a recognizable brand name.                           

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  1. ShepRamsey Says:

    Yeah, because video game adaptations always work out…

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