A Chinese remake of Blood Simple? I’m sold.

Posted on 28 July 2009 by ShepRamsey

You know how we Americans are always remaking hit foreign movies?  Like The Ring and Let the Right One In?  Well here’s something that flips this whole remake thing right on its ear! 

blood_simpleAccording to Variety, Sony Pictures Classics is set to distribute House of Flying Daggers director Zhang Yimou’s planned remake of the Coen Brothers 1984 debut film Blood Simple.  Anyone else intrigued?

For those who don’t remember (or haven’t had the distinct pleasure of seeing the film), Blood Simple told the story of a Texas bar-owner (Dan Hedaya) who pays a private detective (M. Emmett Walsh) to kill his wife (Frances McDormand) and her lover (John Getz).  Things go awry. 

It’s a fantastic little film and now it’s getting the Chinese treatment, and it will be taking place in a noodle shop.  Sounds like a plan to me!                           

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  1. Quaid Says:

    God I hope this is real. A noodle shop? That’s so great and so exactly what we do to all these fantastic foreign films.

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