August 21 is Avatar Day! Joy!

Posted on 24 July 2009 by Quaid

If you’re like me, then one thing that drives you crazy about Comic-Con and other events of the ilk is the reports of amazing footage…that you probably won’t see until the day the film comes out.

AvatarIconMost of us working stiffs can’t drop what we’re doing and head to San Diego every summer, and it’s always a bummer to hear of something amazing that we simply won’t ever be able to see.

James Cameron is on it. This August 21, the director is unspooling fifteen minutes of his highly anticipated sci-fi film in IMAX theaters across the country…in 3D…for free…on August 21.


While most of it might be artificial hype, this is definitely one of my two-ten-most-looked-forward-to films at the moment, and the fact that the studio is unveiling a huge chunk of the film sends one really strong message: we have absolute faith in this movie.

August 21 is also the launch date for the traditional trailer and video game trailer for the movie.                           

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  1. ShepRamsey Says:

    As awesome as all this sounds…I almost feel like I want to keep myself pure. I’ll watch a trailer, sure, but I don’t want to see too much of the movie until I’ve actually seen the whole thing and taken it all in–and in context. I felt the same kind of frustrated chagrin when I’d already seen the first scene of The Dark Knight when it played in front of I Am Legend. As tempting as this is…I don’t know if I want to taint myself.

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