The Wachowski’s Ninja Assassin trailer is surprisingly standard.

Posted on 23 July 2009 by Quaid

What have those crazy Matrix directors been up to as of late?  They’ve been making a movie with lots of fighting and Ninja stars.

NinjaAssassinWhen I say it looks “standard,” don’t get me wrong.  It also looks pretty damn good.  But after the visually whacked-out Speed Racer, our expectations for stylistic shenanigans are set.

Instead, this looks like a very well done martial-arts action movie, complete with the slo-mo and CG effects that became standard after the Wachowskis pioneered their usage in the original Matrix movie.

And with everyone simply expecting balls-to-the-wall crazy action as a given, I think this movie will have to rely on story to set itself apart.  Let’s hope the filmmakers are up to it.  Their stories, while interesting, are usually presented in a fairly brooding and bland way.  The Matrix trilogy still stands as the quintessential example of what happens when you try to complicate an emotional storyline with actors whose characters are “too cool” to allow for any sincere emoting.  Maybe that style will work for this one?  

Here is the trailer courtesy of MTV.


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