Quaid Talks With Paper Heart Director Nick Jasenovec! In MCS “Audio-Vision!”

Posted on 23 July 2009 by Quaid

Yesterday I had the chance to sit down (via phone) with Nick Jasenovec, the director of the upcoming documentary/narrative hybrid film Paper Heart, starring Charlyne Yi and Michael Cera.

We talked about the unique stylistic choices Jasenovec made with the film, the difficulty of mixing documentary and narrative styles, the pros and cons of shooting digitally, and what it was like to create a world of blended fantasy and reality.

Paper Heart follows Charlyne Yi on a journey to understand a concept in which she doesn’t believe: love.  Along the way, she interviews fellow travelers about their ideas of love, and even manages to find love herself in the arms of one Michael Cera (playing a fictional version of himself).

The movie also casts Jake Johnson as a fictional version of Jasenovec, showing him “directing” the film as it’s made.  Part documentary and part romantic fiction, Paper Heart sets out to find the answer to that age old question: does love really exist?

You can check out the trailer HERE.

Watch the audio interview below in magical MovieChopShop “Audio-Vision.”


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