Avatar Comic-Con Merchandise gives us a sneak peak at the film!

Posted on 23 July 2009 by Quaid

I am not a collector of movie merchandise.  While I have the spare toy or two lying around, I don’t obsess.  But I do love when toys and merchandise spill the beans about a movie’s design.

Such seems to be the case with Avatar.  A whole slew of movie merchandise on the Comic-Con floor gives us a better look at character and machine designs.  Movieweb snapped a number of pics, but the one below is my favorite.  Click it to see more.

Man, I can’t wait until we get to see some real honest-to-god footage out of this James Cameron epic.  Maybe the hype is out of control, but I still think the movie will kick ass.



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  1. logan Says:

    that great toys i want one real robot like that

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