You like Zombies? So does State of Play writer Matthew Michael Carnahan, now set to rewrite World War Z

Posted on 18 July 2009 by HansKlopek

“World War Z” should be proud. It just scored itself a damn good screenwriter ready to propel it into greatness.

wwz_articleFangoria reports that Matthew Michael Carnahan, the scribe behind such political dramas as Lions for Lambs, State of Play and The Kingdom, has been tapped for a rewrite of the zombie film. It will be based on the novel by Max Brooks that is set a decade after a global contamination has turned many of the worlds inhabitants into zombies. Brooks’s novel follows a journalist interviewing subjects around the world about their experiences during the conflict that ensued. The book centers largely around the political relations between countries as they try to bring the conflict to successful end.

First off, this sounds like a damn fine premise for a film and an interesting book that I need to check out. I can’t help but think it sounds a lot like The Stand, but that’s every post-apocalyptic sounding story for me. Carnahan is easily the right choice for this type of material. State of Play kicked ass, and, though The Kingdom left me cold, I can’t say it felt like the writer’s fault. He definitely has an understanding of global politics that will make him an asset to this project.                           

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  1. Quaid Says:

    The difference between this and “The Stand” is that this one is a retrospective. It takes place in a world where the zombies have been vanquished and the world governments are trying to rebuild and put together the pieces of what went wrong.

    Plus there’s cool-as-hell zombie battles on a ridiculously large scale (Think the D-Day Invasion…with Zombies).

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