RUMOR: Robert De Niro and Jonah Hill in Rodriguez’s Machete?!?

Posted on 17 July 2009 by Quaid

Quaid here with a bit of casting news so insane…so out of left field…that I can’t help but pray to the gods of cinema that it ends up being true.

machete01Bloody-Disgusting is reporting, based on information given by one of their tipsters, that two heavy-hitting actors are lined up to star in Robert Rodriguez’s over-the-top action film Machete.  Here’s a quote:

What we learned is the following:

Robert Rodriguez and Ethan Maniquis are teaming up to begin filming Machete on July 29th. They are co-directors.

-DANNY TREJO is returning (obviously) as “Machete”, the madman bent on revenge.
MICHELLE RODRIGUEZ (“Lost”, Fast & Furious, Avatar) is said to be playing “Luz”.
JONAH HILL, the comedian who has starred in such films as Superbad and the forthcoming Adam Sandler comedy Funny People, will play “Julio”.
-Lastly, a legend of our time, 
ROBERT DE NIRO, will take on the role of “Senator McLaughlin”.

Robert De Niro in a Rodriguez movie sounds amazingly insane.  And the idea of his having scenes opposite Jonah Hill and Danny Trejo…well, it makes me tear up a little (in a good way).  Ever since the fake trailer for this film hit when Grindhouse came out, I’ve been itching for some 70′s exploitation action.

Let’s just hope big names don’t necessitate a toning-down of the insanity.  With Rodriguez at the helm, though, I have no worries.                           

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