Despicable Me trailer does more damage to the pyramids than the Deceptacons!

Posted on 15 July 2009 by Quaid

You think it’s bad having your Great Pyramids thrashed by giant transforming robots?  Think again.

Despicable Me, the new animated film by Universal, gives us a chilling vision of a future in which one truly despicable villain is taking it upon himself to steal world landmarks.  The world, of course, erupts in panic.

Okay, maybe it’s not as dramatic as all that…

The trailer is somewhat interesting but also wildly uneven and not terribly funny.  Still, it’s hard to judge this kind of a film based on a very carefully crafted teaser, so I’ll wait for the full trailer before deciding whether I’ll shell out my ten bucks to see it.

Click on over to Yahoo for the HD version.


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  1. matt Says:

    I love the guy who is cocking his shotgun guarding the giant can of beer… That’ll be worth paying to see the movie for me.

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