Chris Columbus’s The Lightning Thief wants to be the next Harry Potter. See the teaser.

Posted on 15 July 2009 by Quaid

The series is called “Percy Jackson and the Olympians,” and it’s about a young man who finds out he’s a descendant of a Greek God.  He must then settle an on-going battle between the gods.

LightningThiefSounds a little familiar, right?  It’s no surprise at all to me that the producers on this decided Chris “Harry Potter 1 and 2″ Columbus was the right director for the job.  If there is anyone who can take a youth-oriented fantasy story and do an insanely faithful, by-the-numbers adaptation of the source material, it’s the director of I Love You Beth Cooper.

It would be fantastic if this five-part series (from the books by Rick Riordan) was good.  Talking with friends at the midnight Harry Potter screening last night (I’ve seen the movie twice now), we were all a little sad that there were only two movies left.  After that, we’ll be left without a major fantasy franchise to look forward to.

Could this be the Potter replacement for those suffering from general fantasy withdrawal post 2011?  Only time will tell.

Check out the trailer or click on over to Moviefone for an HD version.


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