Let Me In concept posters! Insanely faithful adaptation?

Posted on 14 July 2009 by Quaid

Looking at the below posters for Matt Reeves’ unnecessary remake of the superb Swedish vampire drama Let the Right One In, I can’t help but wonder…why are you doing this again?

The posters, courtesy of Slashfilm, are cool as hell, I’ll give you that.  But they also look like they could, quite literally, be posters for the original version of the film.

From what we’ve gathered so far, it looks like Reeves is going to stay surprisingly faithful to the original movie and novel, keeping the kids twelve-years-old and maintaining the bleak, snow-covered setting.

Also interesting about these posters is the prominent acknowledgement of the original film, with the words “Based on the Award Winning Original Let the Right One In” plastered front and center.  I would think they would be trying to make audiences forget the original or would choose to proclaim that this is based on the original novel, not the film.

Anyway, here are some cool posters for a movie that I’m sure will be both well-done and completely unnecessary.  Click to make big.


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  1. ShepRamsey Says:

    If you’re going to remake a movie that was made a mere one year ago (which in and of itself should illegal) why make it extremely faithful? So that you make sure to pay proper respect to the first one?? If you were concerned about that, then you wouldn’t have tried to remake it anyway! This movie is so dead to me and it isn’t even an actual movie yet. I’ve never heard of anything so pointless in my life.

  2. Clara Says:

    They did the same thing with REC, a fantastic Spanish movie remade as Quarantine. REC got a Hollywood remake released less than one year after their Spanish release. At least Let the Right One In got theatrical distribution in the US, REC has not been released even on DVD. Rather than giving these films a wider distribution, they remake them shot for shot and dumb them down. They think that’s how they’ll get the attention of dummies who are too illiterate to read subtitles, but both of these movies are too sophisticated to attract people that daft.

  3. matt Says:

    So, i saw the original recently and thought it was really good, even though it did have the subtitles. Now I’m not into foreign films at all, b/c, well, to be honest, I am a lazy american who doesn’t read much, and subtitles just don’t appeal to me. However I really really enjoyed seeing it. And now they are making a remake for american theatres… Thats too bad… I mean i would hate to see the reverse happen with some of our american films. But i’m sure i will see the american version some time next year or whenever it hits dvd… i may understand what happens better… but it just won’t be the same. There is nothing like seeing a foreign kid kill people and suck out their blood. I kind of expect it from them. But an american kid doing the same, that will just be creepy.

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