Who Wants a Max Steel Movie?!? (cue the crickets)

Posted on 13 July 2009 by Quaid

Who doesn’t remember the 10-year-old toy/cartoon Max Steel?  Well, me for one, but I guess I’m not the target demographic for this one.

MaxSteelThe trades reports that Paramount and Mattel are at it again.  This time they’re adapting a toy that nobody cares about!  Yippee!

Max Steel is the story of a 19-year-old extreme sports player who becomes a secret agent whose body is infected by super-duper nano-bytes.  It’s the bionic man, only updated with technology in mind.  AND EXTREME!

Finally with this toy I understand what Paramount and Mattel are doing.  For so long, I thought toys got adapted to movies in order to capitalize on the brand recognition of the property and sell more tickets.  Not so.  In fact, it’s the other way around, with Mattel using these high-profile movies to re-launch its aging and pathetic toy lines.

So the movie is really one big advertisement for the toy.  Which makes a lot of sense, but still causes my soul to hurt.

No director or writer is attached to the project yet.

For those keeping score, here are the Mattel properties that will be forced in front of our eyeballs in the next few years:

Max Steel
He-Man: Masters of the Universe
Hot Wheels
Major Matt Mason
Untitled Toy Project

I’m telling you…the upcoming summer blockbuster seasons will be the mark of cinematic quality and originality, don’t you think?                           

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  1. Rachel Says:

    I would love love love to see He-Man done better than The Masters of the Universe they did back in the 80s. Nope, not original one bit. But if the right people got behind it, it would so rock my socks off!!

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