Todd Phillips on The Hangover sequel, after another road trip comedy of course

Posted on 10 July 2009 by HansKlopek

Anyone want their day brightened a little bit? Todd Phillips will return to direct The Hangover sequel. You’re welcome.

hang2_articleBut first, dude will have to complete production on “Due Date,” a road trip comedy he is directing with Zach Galifanakis, the breakout star of The Hangover. The film is about a soon-to-be-dad who finds himself with one of the most unlikely of travel companions (Galifanakis) in a rush across country to make it home for the birth of his first child. Nice parallel with The Hangover: both movies are ultimately about guys running toward their responsibilities. It also looks like this film will tap into the same white, middle class American insecurity that The Hangover (I’m just gonna start referring to it as ‘Instant Comedy Classic’) did.

“Due Date” is set to begin production in October for a release some time in early 2010. Instant Comedy Classic 2 will follow the same time pattern, starting next October for a Memorial Day 2011 release. I like the sound of all of this and I think the day that I see a sequel to Instant Comedy Classic will be a great day in my life.

All this according to Variety.                           

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