New red-band trailer for Funny People looks pretty damn good!

Posted on 09 July 2009 by ShepRamsey

Hey friends, Shep here with a new trailer for Judd Apatow’s Funny People, which opens at the end of the month and is looking like it could be really good! 

This red-band trailer contains all new footage, showcasing a funnier and less plot-centric take on the film than what we saw in the previous trailer, while still maintaining the same tone.  This movie feels like it’s probably too good to have to go the gimmicky red-band-trailer route, but I guess it’s just kinda become obligatory for any and all R-rated comedies these days.

Anyway, it’s all very encouraging and enjoyable, and it looks like it’ll be a really good movie with a lot of really great performances.  Definitely looking forward to this one!


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  1. Quaid Says:

    Looks pretty damn good. Probably not a laugh riot, but I like the idea of Apatow making…what is it you say, Shep? Dramas about funny people?

  2. matt Says:

    Ok, so i’m not really sure what the movie is about after watching the trailer, forgive me for my denseness, however i laughed my ass off and I can’t wait to see it. I love mindless Adam Sandler movies, then throw in the guy who we all think we could be buds with in Seth Rogen and I think I might just wait in line for a midnight showing for this one…

  3. Glenn Fernandes Says:

    Thanks for the trailer. Its really funny. It is a full on comedy movie.Adam Sandler is simply amazing.Jason Schwartzman, the music composer of the film, dons the role of a television celebrity on a sham show ‘Yo Teach’. For more details refer

  4. Christina Says:

    Einen schoenen Blog hast du hier, warum kannte ich den denn noch nicht. Naja jetzt habe ich Ihn gebookmarkt und werde in der naechsten Zeit oefters vorbei schauen. Bin auf jeden Fall schon auf deine neuen Artikel gespannt.

  5. Clorinda Rollman Says:

    Hah that sure is a funny photo. Thank you for posting it! =)

  6. Alfonzo Bennet Says:

    Fantastic info! I just found you site on yahoo, definately gonna check out your other articles

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