Here’s Creepy Old Man Jim (Carrey)! A Christmas Carol Poster!

Posted on 07 July 2009 by Quaid

 The international one-sheet for Robert Zemeckis’s newest motion-capture opus, A Christmas Carol has hit the internet. It stars a very old Jim Carrey looking curmudgeonly and made from the smoke billowing from a burning-child candle.  Or maybe that’s the ghost of christmas past.

I’m still not sold on this movie. I mean, after they do a muppet movie about something, I kind of think the “re-imagining” mill should be closed. How many versions of this story have been put to screen now?

It might be good…it might be bad…but I’ll bet it will be mostly forgotten pretty quickly.  Still, I do kind of wonder what Jim Carrey is going to do with what has traditionally been the  straight role.  I’m guessing he goes all over-the-top Jimmy Stewart in It’s a Wonderful Life.

Here’s the poster, courtesy of



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  1. Michael Says:

    The candle itself is the ghost Of Christmas past and the flame is Scrooge (beautifully done, by the way).
    Hi my mane is Mike and i AM A 55 year old male who is dying to see this movie. A Christmas Carol is my favorite story (and has been for many many many years) I never get tired of it. I have over 100 Christmas Carol books each uniquely illustrated by some of the world’s greatest artists. I also have many other items dealing with the story.
    Although I was introduced to the story at a very early age I think it very sad that many peple consider The Carol chiefly a story for children it was never meant to be that way.
    For how could a child understand redemption and change, inherient and necessary in all of us.
    I think the sorry state of the world today needs a Christmas Carol to wake it up, I hope the movie is a hugh success, I know I will love it regardless.

  2. Ulysses Mairs Says:

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