Vince Vaughn fights sharks in the Couples Retreat trailer!

Posted on 01 July 2009 by Quaid

Want to see lots of beautiful half-naked women, some gorgeous vistas, and a cut yoga instructor dry-humping Vince Vaughn?  Boy, have we got a trailer for you.

Couples Retreat stars Vaughn alongside Malin Akerman, Jon “I’m directing Iron Man 2, bitches!” Favreau, and the incomparable Jason Bateman.

They had me at Bateman.  I eagerly anticipate his next comedic role (yes, that includes his stint in State of Play), and I can’t get enough of his unique persona.  If this trailer does nothing else, it gets me even more excited at the prospect of an “Arrested Development” movie.

Truth be told, this film looks somewhat standard, but there are enough funny moments in the trailer and enough talent involved for me to get excited.  Check it out below.



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