Finally a trailer for Richard Kelly’s The Box!

Posted on 25 June 2009 by ShepRamsey

I’ve been hearing about this movie for forever.  Now, finally, we get this trailer for Richard Kelly’s new thriller The Box.

The film stars Cameron Diaz, James Marsden, and Frank Langella.  It’s got the 1950s/1960s period thing going on, and Diaz is sporting some kind of accent that I’m not sure I’m comfortable with.

It’s a pretty solid trailer (even if it does bust out some agonizingly stock thriller music towards the end), and I think it’ll make for a pretty interesting movie.  It’s nice to see Kelly expanding his horizons–I’m curious to see what he’s like when he tackling more widely-accessible territory than, say, both Donnie Darko and Southland Tales.

Anyway, here’s the trailer!  Hope you enjoy!



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  1. ParryOtter Says:

    Looks like it has a bit of an identity crisis. The idea sounded interesting, but that trailer looked pretty awful.

  2. ShepRamsey Says:

    Oh, come on! It looks like fun. It looks like one giant episode of The Twilight Zone, which, veritably, it is.

  3. Chief Diamondback Phillips Says:

    Deal? Or no deal?

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