Transformers 2 scores a $16 million opening night. Anyone surprised? I’m sure not.

Posted on 24 June 2009 by HansKlopek

So Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen looks on track to become a monstrous hit. Has anything since Notting Hill been more predictable?

transsuck_smallVariety reported earlier today that the sequel to the 2007 blockbuster took in an estimated $16 million in a 3000 screen run of midnight showings last night. This tally puts it second to only The Dark Knight, which opened to $18.5 million in its midnight screenings last year. By the end of this weekend, Revenge of the Fallen is projected to score close to a $200 million dollar opening.

Okay, so Transformers is a hit. None of us are surprised. It will score its opening weekend dollars and get primed for a third installment in the franchise. But as was to also be expected, the film has scored an abysmal rating with both and Meta Critic. Everything about this scenario is just so predictable. I wish we could get M. Night Shymalan on this story so he could produce something that would annoy but at least surprise me.

We here at have gotten our digs in at the highly anticipated Revenge of the Fallen (you can read Shep’s scathing indictment of the Transformers film phenomenon here). I personally have just been so jaded by the prospect of a sequel to that all too forgettable 2007 blockbuster that I’ve kind of zoned out of all the hype about it. But now there is a terrible urge that is motivating me to see it. I really need to fight this urge though. I can’t perpetuate this problem. But it’s dumb summer entertainment. Some of these movies just make me so happy. But I like movies so much. I shouldn’t give into something that I know is terrible. Why not? It’s just a few bucks for mindless entertainment. DO IT, HANS!


Whew! Sorry about that. Anyway, I hope everyone out there is having a nice day and will have a nice weekend where you will, without a doubt, be compelled to see the new Transformers movie.                           

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