Here’s the New Halloween 2 Trailer!

Posted on 22 June 2009 by Quaid

Well I can say one thing. This trailer is much better than the first. It has a kind of odd, off-putting pace, but I like the feeling of the supernatural that permeates it, what with talk of nightmares and visions.

All right…maybe some of that weird imagery actually makes sense.

After railing on the movie for a while, I’m encouraged.  I don’t like how the first trailer butchered Carpenter’s original theme, but there is something darker and more haunting about the minimalist music used in this trailer.

I’m still not excited, but I’m slowly becoming hesitantly optimistic.  I really, honestly want this movie to work.


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  1. Jay rogers Says:

    Yea well things happen and next thing you know you wish the movie was more like the trailer you saw a few weeks ago.

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