Dear Michael Bay: Please make a Power Rangers movie.

Posted on 22 June 2009 by Quaid

When (erroneous) rumors started circulating this week that Michael Bay might be moving on from blockbuster films to smaller, more personal films, my heart sank.

Not because I was worried about the tentpole director leaving the Transformers franchise…quite the opposite, in fact. I’m not a Transformers fan. I was sad because I saw the writing on the wall. Michael Bay’s greatest, most obvious, most defining piece of popcorn cinema might never get made.

That’s right. I’m talking about Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

Has there ever been rumblings about Bay making a Power Rangers movie? No. Has there been any movement on a Power Rangers franchise reboot at all? Absolutely not.

But with Hollywood moving forward with a Stretch Armstrong movie, the time is right to bring this stirring series into the mainstream. It’s such a wild, crazy, insane, and dumb idea–only Michael Bay can pull it off.

I believe it to be clear, without need for any argument, that the Power Rangers should be brought to the big screen in a $100 million plus budgeted film. From a marketing standpoint, you have a recognizable brand, childhood nostalgia that can be manipulated for profit, monsters, aliens, over-the-top weapons, martial arts, cool suits, teenagers, and TRANSFORMING ROBOTS!

This is the series that really has it all. Unfortunately they were all combined in a silly TV show that took place mostly in a “juice bar.” There is so much goof and camp that it’s hard to see the gold mine buried underneath, and even harder to bring this series’ potential to the surface.

Michael Bay has managed to make “An asteroid the size of Texas” actually work. He’s put guns on a lunar lander, and gave us fire in space. It’s ridiculous…but everyone bought it, and Armageddon grossed $555 million worldwide.

He took an intelligent, thoughtful science fiction idea and turned it into a movie involving Ewan McGregor and Scarlett Johansson literally jumping off of skyscrapers and landing on the pavement below…unscathed. The Island took in $163 million around the globe…a disappointment for the box-office darling.

Then we get Michael Bay’s most defining franchise. With Transformers, he took a fun, 1980′s cartoon and toy line and made it into a movie about teenagers and fighting, giant, transforming robots that took itself 100% seriously. Sure there were jokes, but there was never the level of purposeful camp that one would expect with this franchise. The first movie took in a ridiculous $708 million around this wonderful world of ours.

He has a habit of taking the most over-the-top, ridiculous elements and approaching them in such a dramatic and serious way that you have no choice but to say things like “holy shit!” and “damn! I MEAN DAMN!”

I’ve had my problems with Michael Bay in the past. Everything I just said in the previous paragraph I’ve always believed to be a flaw. With Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, though, it can be nothing but a strength. Producing this film would mean taking Bay’s filmmaking philosophy so far…so out there…that even the haters like myself won’t be able to stop ourselves from admitting that it’s the most dumb and cool shit ever to grace the silver screen. EVER!

Now it’s time for us to daydream a bit about what this epic opus would entail. First of all, we need to go back to the roots of the series. Meaning we’re looking at the original Zords. The original, prototypical rangers, all hot young teenagers straight out of Disney shows (I’m thinking of you, Shia LaBeouf). Shia could portray Tommy, the college-bound too-cool-for-school Green Ranger whose motives are a bit of a mystery to the others.

See where you can get some good intrigue and hot sex action?

Speaking of which, if (or should I say WHEN) Michael Bay makes this film, there is only one logical choice for our prototypical Pink Ranger. It’s gotta be Megan Fox in a form-fitting outfit. Which gets unnecessarily ripped to shreds in a fight with a group of baddies.

Rita must be our main villain, only now she’s hot. And she hides a demonic, serpentine inner demon. Think your prototypical femme fatale…with Lovecraftian eel monsters hidden in her stomach. Her henchmen are basically orc-like creatures. And they all still live on the moon.

The putties desperately need an update. I suggest that they be actual CGI shadow-creatures that can shape-shift and move with Matrix-like speed.

While the Power Rangers do engage in hand-to-hand combat, they also have sidearms they use to mercilessly shoot the bad guys, resulting in cool special effects and gratuitous explosions. Michael Bay is happy.

Rita makes a monster and sends it to earth, but the plot should revolve around some druidic cult or ancient lost text that portends the end of times. All of this is incidental but adds the necessary “mystery” plot element that our heroes have to spend the entire movie figuring out.

What about some of the weirder elements like Bulk and Skull, the bumbling would-be villainous teenagers without a brain between them? They should be ported over “as-is,” and their presence should be just as out of place as John Turturro’s performance in the first Transformers. They’re dumb and campy and feel like they belong in a different movie, but it’s so weird and confusing that we all just kind of go with it.

In the end, the monster gets too powerful for even Rita, killing its master. It then grows “at a geometric rate” until it begins to terrorize New York City. The military is called in (in slow motion), but we all know that the Pentagon cannot stop this menace. It’s time for the Power Rangers.

The group of teenage badasses call on their TRANSFORMING ROBOTS, and an epic battle ensues. One of the characters dies, but at the last minute we realize that something which was set up in act one can save the poor sap–and Shia gets to make out with Megan Fox at the very end of the movie, standing on the top of the Empire State building as the camera cranes back to reveal the carnage below. An American flag appears in the foreground, and the screen cuts to black with a bass-filled, rousing thud. Cue the exit music.

I know it appears that I’m being glib and sarcastic. Usually, you’d be right. But with the Power Rangers as source material, this kind of formulaic and obvious treatment can spell nothing but box-office gold. The masses will eat it up, and even hardened movie snobs like myself will have to say “this is just too insane not to enjoy.”

So here’s my pitch…straight at the man himself.

Dear Mr. Michael Bay,

We’ve had our problems in the past. Pearl Harbor was a dark spot on American cinema…I think even you’d admit that at this point. But with your Transforming Robots films, I’ve seen the light.

You were born to give me Zordon, played by Liam Neeson, locked inside a crystalline cylinder. I need your version of the neurotic robot Alpha 5. I must see what you do with those goofy, color coded suits. And I don’t want my robot-on-monster fights to keep occurring in the magically rebuilt “Warehouse District” of Angel Grove. You need to bring this story to New York City.

Show me how Rita Replusa locked Zordon in an inter-dimensional time-warp before being sealed in a Space Dumpster and landing on earth’s moon.

I want to see the Rangers receiving their power coins. I want to watch their awed expressions as they call on their Thunderzords for the first time. Give me the truly terrifying and menacing version of the Putty Patrol that I’ve always dreamed of.

Take the ridiculousness of my childhood and give me something that will melt the eye sockets of every man, woman, and child on the planet.

Please make a Mighty Morphin Power Rangers movie. Pretty please. With sugar on top.



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  1. danny Says:

    i totally agree with you they should make a power rangers money.
    I was thinking of the final power rangers movie, like the ending to the rangers.
    I have some ideas,
    if you want to hear them you can email me.

  2. danny Says:

    i messed up on the first line,
    i meant they should make a power ranger MOVIE!
    i was thinking of the first team ever,
    like in zordons era when he was a power ranger,
    i dont want to give out much info ,
    but hit me up if u want more info.

  3. miah thor Says:

    They already made 2 Power Ranger movies in the 90′s, but I agree the franchise should be rebooted more in the vein of what Transformers is, and Bay would be the perfect over-the-top director necessary to make such a ridiculous-at-its-core franchise into more of a PG-13-type movie. Whereas the 90′s PR movies were PG and were about as “safe” as High School Musical.

    I think fans have been wanting a more mature reboot of the original M.M.P.R. franchise for a decade now, but I seriously doubt we will ever get that. What with Disney owning the I.P. of power rangers, it’s even more unlikely.

  4. Julian Says:

    YES A Power Rangers Movie should be made. I have though about this for a long time. In order for it to work I think they would have to work with the original formula. From using the original character’s names all the way down to keeping the city Angel Grove. First I would show the reason why Rita and Zordon are enemies in the first place. On the tv show they never really gave us viewers (way younger at the time, LOL) a good reason for why Rita disliked Zordon not only for messing up her plans but just in general. I say the movie should start off with an origin Between the two characters. The movie starts off smack dab in the middle of a galactic war that happened way before the existence of earth. Maybe Rita had a father who was a trying to take over the universe and a young wizard named zordon helped defeat him along with a wizardary council or something when their planet was under attack. In the middle of the battle with Rita’s father. Rita’s father curses Zordon with a plague/disease.(Explaining why Zordon will need to be the chamber tube)> Zordon kills Rita’s father which would explain why he is so popular around the galaxy. The ultimate hero. The wizard council would then take the young rita and her fathers knight like assistant Goldar. (Goldar should definately be in the movie!! He could be like the physical fighter representive for rita when he does battle with the rangers on earth in Angel Grove just like in the series) The punishment they give to rita, goldar, Finster(The inventor of destructive monsters), Scorpina (Rita’s Fathers Deadly/Sexy assassin), Baboo and Squatt(The comic relief answers to our serious and deadly villians) are for them to be locked away in a small prison that just so happens to look like a dumpster. it’s their punishment for killing and destroying planets. After they are imprisoned Time flies by, The planet in which zordon lives on has aged and starts to show signs of dying. Over the passing of years, Zordon (along with his new creation/assistant Alpha 5) and the people of his planet finally decide to evacuate the planet. They leave and go their seperate ways hopefully to create other colonies and spread the teachings of peace across the universe. They leave rita and the gang on the planet hoping they die in the process. Now here’s the twist, it just so happend that when the planet finally explodes or whatever pieces of the planet land where???? Mars!. Millions of years past by and bam! Earth finally appears. Now the movie would focus on the teens in angel grove which is like Los Angeles, not some futuristic bullshit because I have a feeling that if the wrong studio got ahold to an idea like this they would try to make angel grove look all futuristic and try to make it this electical tokyo type of city. NO!!!! WRONG!!! What made angel groove feel cool on the show was simply the youth. Fashionable dress teens like myself could totally be the reflection on our fellow heroes so we could distinctively know who they are without them wearing there ranger colors (which as a kid I found it was pretty stupid to be wearing the color of the power rangers when your identity is suppose to be a secret! The team hung out all the time wearing the exact same colors! How did people not know that they were the rangers!!! LOL anyway). Each character over the 3 movies will dramaticly change. For the trilogy will have the overall tone of a coming of age story. Each charcter will have a challenge in each movie. Billy will at first be a loner/geek. He has no friends and is very timid. he gets his ass kicked all throughout the first movie even when he morphs) but in the sequels he’ll turn in this guy who’s smart,good looking, (he loses the glass and gets contacts) popular and can now kick major ass after martial arts practice with his fellow rangers. My vote to play Billy goes to………….Zack Efron. He can finally play a role where you can actually see him become something and evolve rather than watch him play those confortable roles as the jock or cool guy. He would sign on trust me. Next is Kimberly. She a national gymnastics champ just like on the show. She popular, pretty and has a bit of an attitude. She comes from a family that has a little bit of wealth so at first she pretty snobbish but when given the burdden/duty of being a ranger she finally turns into the nice and witty Kimberly we all got to know and love. When it also comes to combat however she bad ass too!! My vote to play her………………Leighton Meester from the show gossip girl. Her and Zack would both pull in box office numbers because not only did they grow up watching the power rangers i’m sure but their current fan base which is around my age 18 and (demographically 15 to 22 years old) would go see them because of the sucess of Zack’s High School musical movies and Leighton Meester’s gossip girls sucess. I also choose her because she could play off the attitude of Kimberly since she shows much attiude on the gossip girl show every week. Next is Zak. His problem in the sage will definately will be about him learning how to listen and learn. He’s a hip hop dancer who refuses to be trained classicly because he believes that baile is too soft and is just for girl (this is just something lite for him to deal with in this first movie). He’s arrogant and cocky but very humourous as well. When he becomes a ranger his fighting style would be capoeta that way his fight scenes would be highly entertaining. he would be using B-Boy like moves and stuff while fighting. My vote to play him goes to………….Chris Brown. Yes, the boy is a great dancer and could pull it off playing Zak. He has a couple of movies under his built like Efron, plus this could definately and publicly get him back on the good side with alot of people after that whole Rhianna beat down debacle. Next is Jason. His Challange? Learning how to focus! In the movie jason wouldn’t be into martial arts like on the show he would be the jock. The football quarterback. Recently his game has been off, he’s failing classes he’s starting to give up on life period almost becoming a slacker. But by given the position as leader of the rangers he gains reponsiblity and a new found person for life. I choose………… Dustin Milligan from the new 90210 remake. Now the writers of that show have written his character “Ethan” off which means he’s out of a job. So a big movie project like this would truely put him out on the spotlight as a hollywood actor. He’s pretty good. Last but not least is Trini, now her character would be the only ranger who is familiar with the origin or Zordon and Rita whos ancient battle was some how turned in a chinese folk tale that was told to her by her grandfather when she was a little girl. Trini doesn’t need a lesson to be learned for she is the character who is constantly keeping the rangers on track personally outside their mega suite personas. She would basicly develope into the good supporting friend of all the rangers, while having her funny moments through out the trilogy.(Over protective parents and bad siblings). They would have to find new talent to play Trini because I have no clue who would play her. Now Tommoy would be in the first movie but only as a supporting character and developing love intrest for Kimberly. We won’t know his name until the very end of the first movie. That will be the little shocker leading into the next movie. He basiclly plays the Karate teacher next door to Kimberly’s gynastic’s class. he just so happend to go to Angel Grove Highschool as well. In the sequel which will revolve around the rangers senior year and the return of Rita’s Husband Lord Zed will be when Tommy catches the eye of Rita and Zed therefore leading to them mind controling him and making him the evil green ranger. Tommy basiclly gets dragged into the whold situation. I don’t know who would be a good Tommy, who ever they choose whould definately have to be a likable actor. Zordon would be voiced by…………Forrest Whitaker. His voice is strong and very commanding. Alpha could be voiced by Andy Samberg. My apporach with Alpha 5 would be to make him less annoying. I’d make him a little more laid back and humorus as if he has picked up traits from observing the behavior of humans. Now I know who would make a great bulk and skull and baboo and squatt. Jonah Hill and Jay Baruchel from Knocked Up and Superbad, these dudes would be perfect for the roles One in which they can physical play while the other they could voice over for Baboo and Squatt. That way you kill two birds with one stone (look these people up to get an overall idea of where I’m coming from. LOL)
    Goldar would be mostly CGI.He would be avery violent fighter and one point I would have him like dislocate jason’s shoulder in the middle of a fight. Jason’s suit however would heel him fast. Now the actors that could voice Goldar could be Dawayne “the Rock” Johnson, Christian Bale or Micheal Clark Duncan. There would have to be an effect added to their voices. I would make Goldar really terrifing and disturbing. The ranger would only dare challege him while they’re suited up never out of uniform like in the show because he would be to dangerous in the movie along with scorpina(They would have to find fresh talent to play her character too)
    Finster could be voice by Anthony Stewart Head from buffy the vampire slayer. he could use that british touch come to life in the character. In the first movie the rangers should take on a couple of classic monsters towards the end as the movie’s final fight scenes and stuff. The monsters I would choose would have to be Minotar, Madame Woe and Pineapple (from the circus episode). The putties should be guys in well designed costumes make up and all to get that real sense of action the show use to have. Having the putties but shadow like creatures would totally be lame. LOL. In the second movie the ranger would get of a hold of tommy and make him realize that he’s being bad and he joins the rangers in the fight against Rita and Zed. Rita and Zed’s home is raided by the Ranger, they finally kill scorpina and Goldar (except he really isn’t dead he returns in the final film). Rita, Zed, Finster,Baboo and Squatt all escape on a space ship and blast into space, the squeal leaves you with the impression that the rangers no lonegr have to fight anymore they’ve offical won the battle right? Well in the third and final movie!! LOL, The Rangers are now in college, they haven’t really kept in touch, no monsters have attacked earth. i’s been a while since the ranger have morphed. The ranger check up on Zordon and Alpha from time to time. Suddenly Zordon recieves contact from one of the council members he was apart of when his home planet still existed and guess what? Rita and Zed have found the rest of zordon’s civilization. His people have been enslaved by Rita and Zed for months now which is why they haven’t been attacking earth. So by the council member character sending the coordinates Zordon, Alpha and The Rangers decide to go the dangerous mission save Zordon’s people. Along with Bulk and Skull hot on finding out about Jason and the gang being Power Rangers they some hop aboard the ship that Zordon and the gang are using in order to get to his peoples location. In this movie we’d finally get to see tommy’s dragonzord and the Ultrazord. the rangers would also wear their Ninjetti costumes to keep from being noticed around the villiages and small towns they visit. The characters Ninjor, Rito Revolto (Rita’s Brother)and the tango warriors would be introduced as well. Ninjor would be housing Zordon, Alpha 5, the Rangers and bluk and skull at his hide away. He’d also be responsible for giving the rangers their new powers and Ninjetti suits. Meanwhile Rito and the tango warriors would be on a witch hunt through the planet tormenting other villiages and cities looking for The Rangers. They wind up capturing Bulk and Skull. The Rangers now must find an ancient relic that will help zordon defeat Rita plus they must save Bulk and Skull from a very painful death.(Bulk and Skull are threated to be skinned alive for an ritutal that Rita and Zed want to perfrom in order to take over the universe.) It’s actually what Rita’s father was trying to do in the begining of the first movie. This movie would really have to be an action/adventure movie. It would have to be like indianna joes with puzzles, traps etc, and it would also have to kinda of favor star wars with it’s unique aliens and creatures. This movie would have to be the one that really cost the most to make but that all depends on the success of the first two of course. Overall the fight comes down to Rita and Zordon. (The Witch vs the Wizard) The rangers and Ninjor verses Zed, Goldar( How is resurrected by Rita) and Rito with his tango warriors. Goldar vs Jason, Zed vs Tommy, Billy, Zack, Trini, and Kimberly vs the Tangos and Ninjor vs Rito. The big ending? The good guys win, Rita frees Zordon of his curse after she realizes that she is apart of a prophecy of being a good witch which is actually what the relic that Zordon need reveals. Rita destroy’s Rito and his tangos. Jason kills Goldar for good.Of Course Zed doesn’t agree with Rita’s newfound glory for goodness so he turns into a gigantic Alien Zed (His true form a hideous tenticle like beast) The Rangers use their new Zords and Tommy use what? The DRAGONZORD! and he would straight on play from his dagger and everything!! (AHAGHGA! I could see it now! Fanboys would piss themselves). Nijor grows gigantic to and the two zords plus nijor go head to head with Zed. Of course they lose and realize that they have to bring the zords together to form the ultrazord. They then blast Zed to shredds. Zordon’s people are now free. In a hero ceremony Zordon rewards the Rangers and Bulk and Skull for their bravery. Zordon and Alpha then reveal that they aren’t going back to earth with The Rangers. Zordon then asks for the rangers to turn in their power morphors. They no longer have to be power rangers. Before leaving each Ranger tells zordon what they’ve learned by being a Ranger.
    Billy: I learned that I should be afraid of life.
    Kimberly: I learned that the power of good can over come anything.
    Zack: I learned that you must listen and Learn in order to become a master.
    Jason: I’ve leanred that in order to be leader you must possess bravery and full responsibility for you actions.
    Tommy: I’ve learned a true hero not only fights with his head…..but with his heart.

    Zordon and The rangers say they’re final goodbyes, the scene would have to be emotional. Kind of like telling the audience that we’ve been threw one hell of a ride since the first movie. Zordon opens a portal and sends the teens back to earth. Now here’s the twist, when they return, they don’t remember a thing! Zordon wipe their memories of being Rangers completely clean including bulk and skulls memories as well. The gand Now young adults move on with their lives not remember how mighty morphin they used to be. The End. LOL Wow that was alot of typing. I started at 10:00 and now it’s 3:50. But that’s how I would do the movie or movies!!! Keep it true to the very end while keeping it fun yet serious!

  5. nigga Says:


  6. qwerty Says:

    wow the michael bay thing is a great idea but to the kid who wasted 4 hours typing his idea for the movie….
    leave it to the professionals

  7. someone Says:

    cool idea…but lose every original character minus the villain and zordon. new modern characterss, new suits, new plot…no ”save our city” something…. gripping. that and awesome graphics and i’d go see it

  8. knuclear200x Says:

    Dear Hollywood,

    Fund it, with a blank check.

  9. Cobe Says:

    I have been calling for a ranger movie for a long time. Its time for it to happen.

  10. TheHawkdaddy Says:

    This is the dumbest idea ever thought. You should never be allowed to think again.

  11. Gerald Conde Says:

    That first picture you put was never Power Rangers, it is Turboranger, a series that aired in 1989 in Japan, its like Power Rangers’ uncle. And because this picture is the first that appears on Google, people think it is Power Rangers when its not.

  12. Goofy Says:

    Dude who spent 4 hours typing. I’m with you 100 percent

  13. gymnastics Says:

    Valuable info. Lucky me I found your site by chance, and I am shocked why this accident did not came about in advance! I bookmarked it.

  14. aj Says:

    I think it will be great for him to make it. they already made 2 films already? And the first one was good and the actors that they played them. They did aweasome and the first movie.But he could film the next season that is coming out next year? But i think is a good idea to make it again. and make it really cool.Michael bay did reall good on transforms and he could do it again with mighty morphin power rangers or the other one and keep the same colors and characters how they had it on the show. But yeah,please make it the mighty morphin powers or the new one that is coming out.

  15. AJ Says:

    Yeah again I think it would be great to make it really cool movie for michael bay to film
    The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers! Please make. And
    actors I thought it might be good?

    Sean Faris as Jason the Red Ranger

    Ashley Greene as Kimberly the Pink Ranger

    Steve R. Mcqueen or Robert Pattinson as Billy the Blue Ranger

    Brenda Song as Trini the Yellow Ranger

    I was thinking Romeo or someone? As Zack the Black Ranger

    And Ben Barnes or someone as Tommy the Green/White Ranger?
    That’s what I thought?

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